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  • Seoul Kimchi Festival to be held for sharing and mutual prosperity

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    • The first Seoul Finance Week will be held from October 28 to 31, including the 9th Seoul International Finance Conference
    • The Seoul Fintech Lab, the largest of its kind in Korea, will be open on Oct. 29, and a total of 70 fintech start-ups will take occupancy
    • During the Seoul International Finance Conference on Oct. 30, experts from six countries will discuss ways to develop the fintech industry
    • Seoul is committed to strengthen the status of Seoul as an international financial city and share its future vision with the world

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, October 29, 2019 – Seoul will host the annual Seoul Kimchi Festival for three days from November 1 through 3 at Seoul Plaza and the Mugyo-ro area. Under a theme of “sharing and regional mutual prosperity,” this year’s festival will provide 3,500 citizens with a chance to make and share Kimchi and also offer diverse things to see, eat and enjoy at once, such as “Kimchi Museum” that shows all about Kimjang, or Kimchi-making, “Kimchi Market” selling from Kimchi to its ingredients.

    Especially this year, a campaign that supports pork farms in Korea currently facing difficulties due to African Swine Fever (ASF) outbreaks will be held along with a tasting event of Korean pork. Besides, Korean pork will be sold with 50% discount in the Mugyo-ro area from November 2 to 3.

    Making & Sharing Kimchi (13:00~16:00, Nov. 1 (Fri.), 14:00~17:00, Nov. 2(Sat.))
    As the most iconic program of the Seoul Kimchi Festival, the Making & Sharing Kimchi event shows the value of cooperation and sharing of Kimjang culture. Around 3,500 citizens from communities, organizations, and companies will make 65 tons of Kimchi for two days at Seoul Plaza, an open-air public square in front of Seoul City Hall.

    Seoul Kimjanggan (11:00~18:00, Nov. 1 to 3)
    Seoul Kimjanggan to be held at a large air dome installed at Seoul Plaza will present visitors an opportunity to see and taste Kimchi. During the “Master’s Kimjanggan,” Kimchi masters will demonstrate their making of Kimchi with their secret recipes. Participants in the Family Kimjanggan program are allowed to make Kimchi with best quality ingredients and best recipes and take it home, and foreigners also can experience Korea’s unique Kimjang culture in the “Foreigner’s Kimjanggan.”

    Kimchi Museum & Seoul Native Kimchi Exhibition (11:00~18:00, Nov. 1 to 3)
    “Kimchi Museum” is an exhibition program of the World Institute of Kimchi, where visitors can learn the history and culture of various kinds of local Kimchi. This year, “Seoul Native Kimchi Exhibition” will show traditional Kimchi Seoul natives have had for generations.

    Kimchi Cooking Show (12:00 & 14:00, Nov. 1 to 3)
    Famous chefs and Kimchi experts will demonstrate how to make Kimchi and visitors can learn and taste them on site.

    Children’s Kimchi Class (12:00, 14:00, 16:00, Nov. 1 to 3)
    Provided by Jongga Kimchi, a famous Kimchi brand, Children’s Kimchi Class will open a Kimchi-making class for kids.

    Kimchi Market (11:00~18:00, Nov. 1 to 3) & Special Sales of Korean Pork
    “Kimchi Market” selling Kimchi made by Kimchi masters will be held at Seoul Plaza this year from November 1 to 3. At the same time, Kimchi Food Trucks in the Mugyo-ro area will sell a diversity of food mainly made of Kimchi.

    For more information on the 2019 Seoul Kimchi Festival, please visit https://www.seoulkimchifestival.kr/2019.