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  • Seoul Issues Administrative Order Banning Gatherings in Coin Karaoke Rooms

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    In accordance with Article 49 (1) 2 of the Infectious Disease Control and Prevention Act, Seoul issues an administrative ban of the gathering of people in 569 coin karaoke rooms in downtown Seoul starting on May 22, 2020. The ban will be effective until further notice.

    Article 49 (Preventive Measures against Infectious Diseases) (1) The Minister of Health and Welfare, Mayors/Do Governors, or heads of Sis/Guns/Gus shall take all or some of the following measures to prevent any infectious disease:

    2. To restrict or prohibit performances, assemblies, religious ceremonies, or any other large gathering of people.

    As Seoul conducted continuous monitoring of disinfection and a complete enumeration survey for coin karaoke rooms, 44% of them violated the guidelines for disinfection. Many of them were operated unmanned or have a closed structure that makes it difficult to ventilate. Therefore, it was not easy to manage their thoroughly disinfection.

    Seoul has ordered a ban on gathering in coin karaoke rooms before the weekend comes to prevent local infections and the spread of COVID-19. This ban comes as a logical step with the recent multitude of confirmed cases and as karaoke rooms are spaces in which many adolescents and students gather.

    Starting on May 22, 2020, “a notice of the ban of the gathering in coin karaoke rooms” will be attached to the entrances of the coin karaoke rooms following the administrative order. If the owner of a coin karaoke room does not follow the order and there is a confirmed case in their establishment while the coin singing room is open, he or she will be responsible for damage. Those who visit one of the breaching facilities and are diagnosed with COVID-19 will have to pay for their own medical expenses.

    Seoul will be conducting on-site monitoring based on the cooperation of district police stations and 25 autonomous districts from May 25-31. The city will take administrative measures and claim damages for coin karaoke rooms that do not abide by the order to ban gatherings.

    Notice of Ban on Gatherings

    1. The Seoul Metropolitan Government announces the ban on gatherings of people in every coin karaoke room throughout Seoul in accordance with Article 49 (1) 2 of the Infectious Disease Control and Prevention Act. The ban will be effective until further notice.

    2. As coin singing rooms have a closed structure in which droplets are generated, making them vulnerable to infections, and have conditions that are difficult to manage regularly, the ban on gatherings is a measure to prevent of the spread of the infectious disease and protect the health and rights to life of Seoul citizens.

    3. The owners and users of the facilities who violate the order of the ban on gatherings will be charged (a fine of up to KRW 3 million). Additionally, such facilities that are found with a confirmed case of COVID-19 will be claimed for damages, including the medical expenses and disinfection costs.

    May 22, 2020

    Mayor of Seoul

    Inquiries: Seoul Dasan Call Center 120