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  • Seoul Is Fully Booked for International Conferences through 2018

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    Seoul was named the host city for the 2015 “World Federation of the Society of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine Academic Conference,” which is an event that will bring together over 8,000 people in Cartagena, Colombia. This year on November 30, 2011, Seoul succeeded in its bid to attract the 32nd international conference.

Joint campaign to attract international events Skal 2012 World Congress (Sydney, Australia) , 
Conference attraction clinic The 2015 Conference of the Confederation of Asian and Pacific Accountants, 
Advance visit to Seoul Tourism 2012 ACI Forum

    Approximately 100 international conferences are thus set to take place in Seoul from 2012 to 2018. Most of them are believed to be major conferences that will attract more than 1,000 participants each.

    As a string of large scale international events, which are dubbed the “Olympic Games” in the fields of medicine, architecture, mathematics, and road, are set to take place in the Korean capital, they are expected to generate combined economic benefits worth 1.3 trillion won, and to make major contributions in the development of these respective fields.

    One of the reasons Seoul is being highly sought after as a host city for international conferences is its customized international conferences attraction clinic, which is a program that the Seoul Metropolitan Government has been aggressively supporting.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Tourism Organization have been conducting aggressive activities to attract conventions, including the provisioning of administrative support such as advance visits by leaders from international organizations, and providing grants of up to 200 million won in the three phases of event attraction, promotion, and hosting. Thus, the city has successfully attracted 32 international events alone this year.

    The rise of Seoul as a “convention city” is evidenced by a string of validations by international organizations.

    The Union of International Associations (UIA) picked Seoul as one of the world’s top five convention cities in June 2010. Last October, Seoul was also picked as the “Best MICE City” at the 22nd TTG Travel Awards, which is the most prestigious tourism award in Asia.