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  • Seoul is also for Kids!

  • Global Seoul Mate Activities 547

    Sorry but I wasnt able to read the whole instruction first until I received the mail recently about our recent task. I wasnt able to make a description on the picture.

    So here is the updated picture that I made. I gave the picture a description of Seoul is also for Kids!. WHY I came to that idea? first, I think Seoul is not that popular destination for the kids compare to Hong kong and Japan. Maybe because they have disneyland and Kids are cartoon fans than kpop fans.They can easily recognize Mickey mouse than hard to memorize kpop names. Second, I think Seoul is more popular because of Kpop, spicy food which kids mostly dont like and historical sites which kids are not interested same with History class in school. 3rd popular kids destination in seoul is not that popluar in korean tourism atleast I can say that its not a priority.

    So if the parents think of touring their kids, they will definitely go to HK, Japan or singapore which they have more recognizable characters and theme parks for the Kids.

    So thats the reason why I came to that description. because I want everyone knows that Seoul is also a tourism destination for the kids. with help of putting more awareness of current attractions for the kids in Seoul. and Also a message to Seoul Govt that there is a market for this kind of tourism. and Hopefully You can offer better tourism for the kids aside from the zoo lotte world among others.