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  • Seoul Introduces Safe Parcel Sending Service for Women, the First of its Kind in the Nation

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    Seoul’s Safe Parcel Service for Women, which has only been available for use upon reception, can now be used when sending parcels. Women may now use an unmanned Safe Parcel Locker near one’s home with more convenience and safety ensured. With over 2,012,000 cumulative users having used the Safe Parcel Receiving Service that was introduced by Seoul in 2013, being the first of its kind in the nation, the city now offers the parcel sending service, which is the first among local governments.

    Those who want to use the service should download the app “CJ Logistics,” go to the “Unmanned Locker” menu to search for the closest locker, reserve a locker, and put the parcel in the reserved locker within two hours. If one fails to store the parcel in the locker within two hours of reserving it, the reservation is canceled automatically. The parcels that are stored before 3 p.m. on a weekday are collected on the same day and sent to the destination while the parcels registered on Sunday are collected the next Monday. The service is applicable for items that can be stored for more than two days and restricted for frozen- or cold-storage goods, money, jewelry, used items, etc.

    The safe parcel sending service is available at 131 of 232 lockers (4,470 compartments). Users can check their locations on the CJ Logistics app.

    The city of Seoul has drastically improved the functions of the Safe Parcel Service for Women in order to resolve user inconvenience by ▲ changing the parcel arrival alert message from a short to a long message, ▲ developing a new app for confirming the arrival of parcels, and ▲ introducing a callback system for customer service.

    231 lockers (excluding one of the total number of lockers) of Seoul Safe Parcel Service for Women are in operation 24/7, all year round. There is no fee for use, but if the parcel storage hours exceed 48 hours, one must pay KRW 1,000 per day.

    The exact locations of the lockers are also available on Seoul’s website (http://news.seoul.go.kr/welfare/archives/508835).

    Directions for Using the Lockers for Safe Parcel Service for Women

    • Those who want to use the service must appoint a locker installed by the Safe Parcel Service for Women as the place to receive one’s parcel when ordering a delivery.
    • Upon the delivery of the parcel to the locker, the date and time of the delivery, a message with the number of the parcel storage compartment, and a verification number will be sent to the receiver’s mobile phone.
    • After receiving the parcel arrival alert (and the verification number), the user should visit the locker, open the door of the compartment, and receive the parcel by entering one’s phone number and the verification number.
    • For all inquiries on how to use the Parcel Service, call +82-1899-4711.