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  • Seoul Introduces Contact-free All-year-round Smart Library Services

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    • In Seoul Smart Library, a contact-free checkout service is available 365 days a year
    • The biggest of its kind, Seoul Smart Library handles approximately 1,000 books

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, October 20, 2021 – Seoul Metropolitan Library opens a contactless library at a subway station to easily meet Seoul citizens. To provide safe and clean contact-free book rental services amid the pandemic, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) opened Seoul Smart Library at City Hall Station (line 1).

    Since the library will run its contactless service throughout the year, Seoulites can borrow or return books even on holidays or late at night. The city government expects that its citizens will take advantage of services without worrying about the virus as no human contact is needed.

    The Seoul Smart Library is the biggest smart library in Korea, handling over 1,000 books of the Seoul Metropolitan Library. Its fully automated system allows citizens to select and borrow any available books. The capacity of Seoul Smart Library is the biggest among Korean public smart libraries, with a basic capacity of l,000 books.

    Anyone with full membership of the Seoul Metropolitan Library can easily borrow books from Seoul Smart Library whenever the subway station is open (5:30 to 24:00) throughout the year. Those who do not have a membership can simply download the application of the Seoul Metropolitan Library and issue a membership card. Books borrowed from the Seoul Smart Library can only be returned through the same machine.

    The 1,000 books in the smart library collection were selected carefully, considering the publication date and popularity. Seoul plans to update the collection by analyzing the usage rate regularly.

    The Chief Librarian of the Seoul Metropolitan Library said, “We will keep expanding contact-free services. Also, to promote reading culture across the city, we will provide the best environment where citizens can borrow books all year round.”