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  • Seoul Introduces 948 Local Vegetarian Restaurants

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    As more and more people show interest in healthy foods and vegetarian diets, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) has uploaded 948 vegetarian restaurants online to guarantee the right to choose foods not only for vegetarians but all citizens who seek where to eat healthy vegetarian dishes.

    A total of 948 vegetarian restaurants (368 general and 580 franchise restaurants) include restaurants only for vegetarians and general restaurants whose menus contain vegetarian dishes. Any citizen can easily find a vegetarian restaurant with a few clicks. This is the first time that the SMG has conducted a complete enumeration survey to discover restaurants that specialized in vegetarian menus.

    The contact information of these vegetarian restaurants are available online via the SMG website (https://news.seoul.go.kr/welfare/public_health/status-of-vegetarian-restaurants) as well as the FSI website (https://fsi.seoul.go.kr/html/index.jsp).

    The SMG has also published its Seoul Vegetarian Restaurant Guidebook and distributed it to each district health center for people to be informed offline. Additionally, the SMG made a sticker and distributed it to 948 restaurants so that it can be put up on display for people to recognize that they are vegetarian restaurants.

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    Seoul Vegetarian Restaurant Guidebook Vegetarian Restaurant Sticker

    The discovery and investigation of vegetarian restaurants is the results of the “Creating a Vegetarian-friendly Seoul” project, which is aimed at creating an environment where people can increase the consumption of vegetables to prevent chronic diseases and pursue a well-balanced diet as well as guarantee the basic right to food for citizens who prefer a vegetarian diet.