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  • Seoul Introduces 40 Themed Walking Trails

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    Citizens often ask, “Where are the walkways with the best views?” or, “Where are some paths along beautiful forests?” To answer these questions, Seoul has selected 40 themed walking trails in Seoul and has published “Seoul, Themed Walking Trails II”. As part of the Walkable City, Seoul Project, a total of 80 themed walking trails were selected by the end of 2016.

    The 40 themed walking trails are divided into Walking Trails through Forests (28 trails), Walking Trails through Valleys (2 trails), and Walking Trails with Beautiful Views (5 trails).

    Among the 〈Walking Trails through Forests〉, the Daemosan Mountain Forest Trail is a forest walkway where the colorful city scenery and nature are in harmony. This walking trail is popular with walkers because people can feel like they are watching the city in the forest.

    Among the 〈Walking Trails through Valleys〉, at Cheonggyesan Mountain Wonteogol Trail in Seocho-gu, clean water flows all year-round. Visitors can stroll through the soft soil, and there is a pine tree forest on the way, so visitors can smell the unique fragrance of nut pine.

    Noeul Park Noeul-gil Trail of Mapo-gu, one of the 〈Walking Trails with Beautiful Views〉, is a park where visitors can see the most beautiful sunset in Seoul. Here, walkers can relax on chairs, in pavilions, and camp with family and friends.

    Manguri sait-gil Trail, one of the 〈Walking Trails with History and Culture〉, allows visitors to feel the wonderful intersection of the past and the present through monuments of the unknown people as well as the famous people who died during Korea’s Enlightenment Period, the Japanese Colonial Period, and the Korean War.

    “Seoul, Themed Walking Trails II” will be sold at 3,000 won per book at the Seoul Bookstore located on Floor B1 of Seoul City Hall at the end of January, 2017. It is also available as a free download at http://ebook.seoul.go.kr.

    Seoul 40 Themed Walking Trails (Ⅱ)

    Division Name of Walking Trails
    Walking Trails Through Forests Achasan Mountain Dulle-gil Trail
    Achasanseong Fortress Trail
    Hongneung Forest
    Bukhansan Mountain Jarak-gil Trail
    Pine Tree Forest Trail
    Opaesan Mountain Nadeul-gil Trail
    Buram Walking Trail
    Jingwan Park Nadeul-gil Trail
    Gungdongsan Mountain Dulle-gil Trail
    Jiyangsan Mountain Dulle-gil Trail
    Galsan Ecological Circular Walkway
    Yongwangsan Circular Walkway
    Sumyeongsan Hill Forest Trail
    Ujangsan Hill Forest Trail
    Gaeungsan Mountain Dulle-gil Trail
    Gyenam Neighborhood Park Jarak-gil Trail
    Guro Olle-gil Trail
    Doksan Jarak-gil Trail
    Kkachisan-gil Trail
    Gwanaksan Mountain Dorandoran Walking Trail
    Miseong-dong Dulle-gil Trail
    Daemosan Mountain Forest Trail
    Myeongil Walking Trail
    Iljasan Mountain Forest Trail
    Forest Walking Trail
    Nature Ecological Trail
    Dream Forest Nadeul-gil Trail
    Seoul Children’s Grand Park Walking Trail
    Walking Trails through Valleys Surakbyeogun Valley Trail
    Chenggyesan Mountain Wonteogol
    Walking Trails with Beautiful Views Cheonjangsan Mountain Walking Trail
    Huingureum-gil Trail
    Baengnyeonsan Mountain Green Forest Trail
    Hanyangdoseong Trail (Naksan Section)
    Noeul Park Noeul-gil Trail
    Walking Trails with History and Culture Hanyangdoseong Trail (Baekak Section)
    Baljagook-gil Trail
    Cheonsangbyeongsan-gil Trail
    Inheongong Gang Gam-chan-gil Trail
    Manguri Sait-gil Trail