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  • Seoul Introduces 21 Famous Places to Watch the New Year Sunrise

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    Seoul City selected 21 famous spots for viewing the first sunrise of the year. Various sunrise events will take place on January 1st, 2017, in each autonomous district, at sunrise time. According to the Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute, the scheduled time for Seoul sunrise on January 1st, 2017 is 7:47 am.

    Sunrise in the City Center

    First, Namsan Mountain and Inwangsan Mountain are good places to enjoy sunrise in downtown Seoul. Namsan Palgakjeong Pavillion is a tourist attraction where many foreign tourists visit, and choir performances and the event of writing wishes will be held. At Cheongun Park in Inwangsan Mountain, the event will start with a performance by a Pungmul band, followed by the event of writing family motto and writing and hanging of wishes.

    Sunrise near the City Center

    There are six places for sunrise events near the city center: Seongdong-gu Eungbongsan Mountain (Palgakjeong Pavillion), Dongdaemun-gu Baebongsan Mountain (Observatory and Outdoor Stage), Seongbuk-gu Gaeunsan Mountain (Playground), Seodaemun-gu Ansan Mountain (Beacon Mound), Yangcheon-gu Yongwangsan Mountain, and Gangseo-gu Gaehwasan Mountain (Summit).

    Palgakjeong Pavillion of Eungbongsan Mountain is a good place to view the sunrise, with a panoramic view of the eastern part of Seoul including the Hangang River, Seoul Forest and Jamsil Stadium. This year, a variety of events will be held to celebrate the New Year, such as Pungmul, poetry reciting for New Year’s hope, and writing postcards of hope.

    Gangseo-gu Gaehwasan Mountain created the ‘Sunrise Park’ near the heliport at the summit three years ago, which is popular as a sunrise spot where you can see the Hangang River and Bukhansan Mountain. Various events will be held here such as large drum performances, Samulnori and others.

    Sunrise from Outside Seoul

    For the citizens who start their New Year with hiking, there will be sunrise events in eleven places, including Achasan Mountain (Sunrise Square), Maebongsan Mountain, Umyeonsan Mountain (Somangtap) and Daemosan Mountain (Nature Park and the Summit).

    Sunrise Square of Achasan Mountain is located east of Seoul overlooking the Hangang River and is the place in Seoul where you can see the sunrise first. It is a sunrise spot where about 40,000 people visit every year.

    Sunrise in the Park

    The sunrise ceremony is also held in the large park as well as mountains for the New Year. At the Haneul Park Summit of Mapo-gu World Cup Park, programs such as Samulnori and large drum performances will be held.

    21 Famous Places to Watch the New Year Sunrise in Seoul (Korean) : http://www.seoul.go.kr/story/sunrise/

    Cheongun Park at Inwangsan Mountain, Jongno-gu Cheongun Park at Inwangsan Mountain, Jongno-gu
    Palgakjeong Pavilion at Eungbongsan Mountain, Seongdong-gu Achasan Mountain, Gwangjin-gu
    Sunrise Park at Gaehwasan Mountain, Gangseo-gu Playground at Gaeunsan Mountain, Seongbuk-gu
    Heliport at Buramsan Mountain, Nowon-gu Sunrise Park at Bongsan, Eunpyeong-gu