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  • Seoul to introduce ‘Pororo-Taxies’ from Nov 25 (Tues)

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    The twenty specially-themed taxies will operate for six months, until May, 2015.
    SMG expects the cartoon taxi will improve the image of taxies and offer better service to passengers.

    SEOUL, Nov. 25, 2014 – The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced the introduction of 20 ‘Pororo-themed Taxies’ , starting from Nov 25 (Tues). The taxies’ exterior are decorated with the images of the popular cartoon character, Pororo, the little penguin, and will run on the streets for six months until May, 2015. The fare is the same as for ordinary taxies. The city government said that it decided to adopt the cartoon-themed taxies in cooperation with the Private Taxi Owners Association as to improve taxi image, which has largely been tarnished by some unkind, grumpy drivers and their reckless driving as well as their refusal to take passengers. The Pororo-Taxies are also expected to offer better serve to children and adult passengers , making their ride more joyful.

    The Pororo-Taxi exterior is decorated with the Pororo characters, and has Pororo stuffed dolls and safety belts with Pororo pattern at the back seats. As for the taxi exterior, the character pattern size will not exceed more than half of the car body, in accordance with the article 19 of the ‘Enforcement Ordinance for Outdoor Advertisements Management’, which describes rules over ads on transport vehicles.

    All twenty Pororo-Taxies are privately owned ones, and average 13 taxies are scheduled to operate a day, except off-duty ones. The service will be available on the spot as other ordinary taxies, while some of them will be run on reservation-basis. Due to the limited number of the special-themed taxies for the pilot project, the reservation will be restricted to ten rides a day.

    When the pilot project comes to an end at the end of May, 2015, Seoul will review the results of the 6-month project, taking into consideration of the voices of citizens and people in the transport industry, and decide whether to expand or continue the operation of Pororo-Taxies.

    Kim Kyung-ho, the director of Urban Transportation Department of SMG, said, “The pilot project was initiated by the taxi industry, which wanted to revamp the tainted image of their business and to regain the public trust by providing better service. We hope that the Pororo-Taxi can bring a little joy to citizens’ daily lives and expect Seoul citizens to show strong support and positive feedback.”