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  • “The Seoul International Music Competition, presented by LG, Is holding its 10th competition for the category of piano”

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    Seoul International Music Competition was established by the Donga Ilbo, the most prestigious daily newspaper in Korea, for the sake of promoting cultural exchanges among nations through music, and supporting talented young musicians from all over the world. The Competition is held annually for one category out of piano, violin, and voice each year.

    As the first prestigious international competition ever taken place in Korea, the Seoul International Competition has produced and promoted world-renowned artists such as Aviram Reichert(Israel, Piano Professor at Seoul National University), Ju-Young Baek (Korea, Violin Professor at Seoul National University), Liviu Prunaru(Romania, Concertmaster of Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra), Byung Woo Kong(Korea, Baritone), Mariya Kim(Ukraine, Pianist), Clara-Jumi Kang(Germany/Korea, Violinist), Stefan Marian Pop(Romania, Tenor) ,Georgy Gromov(Russia, Pianist), Fumika Mouri(Japan, Violinist) and Beomjin Kim(Korea, Tenor) who all play critical roles in international music field.

    To the prize winners, the competition offers the world-class awards such as prize money of US $50,000 for the 1st prize winner, performance engagements with major orchestras throughout the world, recital engagements, etc.

    For this competition, world famous pianists, Yong Hi Moon(Korea, Chairperson), Natalya Antonova(Russia/USA), Michel Béroff(France), Fabio Bidini(Italy), Fumiko Eguchi(Japan), Jan Jiracek(Austria), Yoheved Kaplinsky(USA), Chong-Pil Lim(Korea), Hamish Milne(UK), Haesun Paik(Korea) and Ying Wu(China) are invited to the competition as Jury Members.

    1st Round 2nd Round Semifinal Round Final Round
    Schedule March 18(Tue)~20(Thur)
    March 22(Sat)~24(Mon)
    March 26(Wed)~27(Thur)
    March 29(Sat)
    March 30(Sun)
    ※The schedule for the First Round can be changed due to the circumstances of the competitors
    Venue Recital Hall, Seoul Arts Center Concert Hall,
    Seoul Arts Center
    Tickets 20,000won(One day)
    ※Discount for Students 5,000KRW, per day
    R Seat 50,000 KRW
    S Seat 30,000 KRW
    A Seat 20,000 KRW
    ※Discount for Students 5,000KRW
    ※All Rounds Ticket 120,000KRW(March 18~30)
    For Info Secretariat +82-2-361-1415,1416
      Organized by: Seoul Metropolitan Government, The Dong-A Ilbo
    Sponsored by: LG, Korean Air
    Supported by: Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism, Daejeon Culture & Arts Center, Sungsan Arts Hall, Uijeongbu Arts Center,
    Sori Arts Center of Jeollabuk-do, Osan Cultural Foundation


    Conductor, Yun-Sung Chang
    Korean Symphony Orchestra