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  • Seoul International Fireworks Festival

  • SMG 3259

    Seoul International Fireworks Festival 2018 With Hanwha Top 7 Attractions

    1. Daytime Fireworks Show, A daytime fireworks show will take place for the first time in korea! the vivid colors of fireworks will sketch the sky over hHan River demonstrating a dramatic display.

    2. Dream Sharing, Don;t miss out on the food trucks where you can enjoy freshly-made food and beverages. Dont's forget to check out the handcrafted products, only available at Seoul International Fireworks Festival.

    3. Dream Art, Take a moment to find out the photo spots spread across all over the park! Write your own messages beforehand online and look for them on the spot!

    4. Dream Digital Pavilion, The digital live wall will connect us festival lovers for live inteaction on the day! Let's share our dreams and send messages filled with encouragement for one another!

    5. Vivid Dream, It is vivid, vibrant, and vivacious. The magnificent fireworks show will take us to a spectacular day filled with amazing colors! Enjoy the splendid moment and cheer for our dreams!

    6. 63 Multimedia show. 63 Square will be lit togethehr with the fireworks, bringing us a stunning multimedia show! we invite you to have a unique experience at Seoul International Fireworks Festival.

    7. EDM After Party The festival has not ended just yet! Let's head to the EDM Party, put yout hands up and let yout soul dance to the beat!

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