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  • Seoul International Environmental Theater Festival 2021 to Alert the Public to Climate Crisis

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    • The first Seoul International Environmental Theater Festival will take place online on YouTube for two weeks from August 16
    • 11 countries, including Korea, will participate in the festival, and there will be performances of 19 works dealing with environmental issues and ecological transformation.
    • The closing performance will feature works made with the citizen, and it will be broadcast live on the official YouTube channel of Traffic Broadcasting System (TBS)

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, August 13, 2021 – The Seoul Metropolitan Government will host the first Seoul International Environmental Theater Festival online on its YouTube channel from August 16 to 28 in a bid to share climate crisis and other environmental issues with the public.

    The festival is the only eco-friendly performing arts festival to take place in Korea. A total of ten countries, including France, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and 17 Korean performing organizations will participate in the festival in order to alert the people to environmental issues and exchange ecological arts with other countries.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has long been preparing for the festival by exploring outstanding domestic and international performing arts and interacting with overseas performing organizations in an effort to make the Seoul International Environmental Theater Festival a global event that will raise public awareness of climate change issues and other environmental issues.

    During this year’s festival, a total of 19 works will be performed for free. They include three works performed by invited overseas performing organizations and 16 works by young Korean performing artists.

    Among the invited overseas works, “Spice Road,” participated by artists from nine countries, will present the environmental issue that the resources thought to be endless are not infinite.

    Taiwan’s ‘The Whisper of the Wave” will show disasters, such as COVID-19, the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster, and Taiwan’s 921 Earthquake, known as the 1999 Jiji Earthquake, and their destructive consequences through the performing group’s original choreography.

    Viewers can also enjoy 16 works by young Korean artists, including “pansori” (narrative songs of Korea) and an “upcycling” puppet show that uses upcycled materials.

    “What Does Rabbit Look Like?”, a creative pansori performance, will tell the environmental problems the earth is facing through “Byeoljubujeon,” or “The Tale of a Turtle,” which is a Korea’s novel dating back to the Joseon Dynasty. “Children Who went to Sea,” an “upcycling” puppet show adapted from The Pied Piper, is a table puppet show made of all stage props using scrap materials.

    With the advantage of being held online, artists and viewers can communicate in real-time during the performance. Viewers may communicate with artists by chatting live over real-time streaming videos on YouTube and posting online comments.

    The festival will also allow citizens to participate in and work together with artists to create outdoor plays. Citizens and artists will make dolls, masks, and costumes together and present works using them as the festival’s closing performance.

    The closing performance, “Memories of Water,” will be broadcast live simultaneously on the festival’s official YouTube channel and TBS’s YouTube channel from 7:30 p.m. on August 28 (KST).

    Kim Yeon-ji, Director of Citizens’ Environmental Cooperation at the Seoul Metropolitan Government, said, “We hope that the first Seoul International Environmental Theater Festival will be an opportunity to reflect on the importance and value of the environment at a time when environmental problems such as the continuation of COVID-19 and the record-breaking rainy season which aggravate daily chaos.”