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  • Seoul Installs Public Wi-Fi 6 throughout Public Living Sphere, First in the World

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    Since the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s announcement that it will make Seoul a data-free city, where everyone can use public Wi-Fi for free, by 2022, the SMG will be the world’s pioneer in installing the all-new, faster and safer wireless technology of Wi-Fi 6 (IEEE 802.11ax) in public social spheres throughout the city.

    ※ S-Net Project Plan by Year

    ※ S-Net Project Plan by Year
    Category Total 2019 2020 2021 2022
    ① Installation of Wired/Wireless Telecommunications Infrastructure
    (Extension of the Length (km) of Fiber-Optic Cable)
    4,237㎞ 4,237㎞ 2,977㎞
    ② Installation of Public Wi-Fi
    (Number of Outdoor APs to be Installed)
    23,750 7,420 11,895
    ③ Public IoT Networks
    (Number of IoT Base Stations to be Installed)
    1,000 120

    Public social spheres can refer to the vicinity of train stations, parks, squares, traditional markets, tourist attractions, main streets, bus stops, and rivers/streams among seven classifications of land (i.e. road, park, historic site, water supply site, sports site, parking lot, amusement park).

    Seoul will be conducting a benchmark test (BMT) for the soon-to-be-established Wi-Fi 6 as it requires prior technical verification for an all-new technology. The city intends to evaluate the security, coverage, and speed to confirm verified devices (indoor/outdoor AP) and companies to provide high-quality telecommunications service.

    Wi-Fi 6 is the latest Wi-Fi technology that is six times as faster as the existing public Wi-Fi service and safer from the risks of hacking and wiretapping with a reinforced security system. When introduced, Seoul citizens and tourists can use data with increased speed even in crowed downtown Seoul with high interference and enjoy a much upgraded public Wi-Fi service in terms of security.

    With the enhanced volume and efficiency of data transmission, people will be able to use data four times as fast as when they used 4G LTE (1.2 Gbps) or GIGA Wi-Fi (1.3 Gbps) no matter how much interference there is in the downtown area. Additionally, users can be protected from the dangers of hacking as Wi-Fi 6 supports WPA3, which provides more enhanced security than Wi-Fi 5.