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  • Seoul Innovation Challenge: A Collective Intelligence Project

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    The “Seoul Innovation Challenge” will be carried out over 200 days with the participation of foreigners, citizens, companies, and universities with the goal of coming up with good ideas to resolve urban problems that occur in Seoul in the areas of safety, environment, and traffic.

    Keywords for the Seoul Innovation Challenge include cooperation, innovation, and openness. Once an innovative idea is suggested through the open platform, all participants will go through a collaborative process with 100 professional mentors over the following seven months.

    The theme of Seoul Innovation Challenge is ‘Development and Commercialization of Core Technologies for the 4th Industrial Revolution and Resolving of Urban Problems through Open Innovation.” All Seoul citizens, companies, universities, and foreigners are welcome to participate individually or in groups.

    Once ideas are accepted, they go through a maturing process through opinion exchanges on- and off-line as well as professional mentoring.

    In July, the preliminary rounds will be held for the Seoul Innovation Challenge. 32 outstanding projects will be selected through team presentations and professional evaluation followed by three months of idea/team building. The final rounds will be held in November.

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    Collective Intelligence Project
    *SIC: Seoul Innovation Challenge

    Comprehensive support will be provided to the 32 projects to assist the commercialization of their technologies. This will include registration of intellectual property after R&D and hosting of a demo day to find companies that demand the technology and induce their investment.

    Foreigners can join the Seoul Innovation Challenge by applying on-line at the Business Application section on the SBA website (www.sba.seoul.kr) between April 10 and June 16.

    Inquiries: Official twitter account of Seoul Innovation Challenge (@seoulic2017) / Facebook Group (Search ‘Seoul Innovation Challenge’)