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  • Seoul Imposes Fines on Category 5 Vehicles Running Downtown Starting on December 1

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    Starting in December 2019, the inside of the Hangyangdoseong City Wall in downtown Seoul, will become an eco-friendly and green traffic paradise. While the use of eco-friendly buses, shared bikes, and shared cars will be encouraged, vehicles that emit particulate matter will be banned to enter the zone.

    Seoul will limit the operation of category 5 vehicles on account of their emissions in the “green traffic zone” within the four major gates in the city starting on December 1 (Sun.). From 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day, if a category 5 vehicle without low-emission conversion enters the zone, the driver is imposed a fine of KRW 250,000.

    The limitation of category 5 vehicles in the green traffic zone is a policy to prepare for the future of Seoul’s sustainable transportation by reducing the particulate matter that is emitted by cars and control the overall traffic. Seoul is expecting that strict measures such as imposing fines will become the catalyst to enable a paradigm shift from car-friendly to people-friendly.

    The city is also expecting that the imposition of fines in the green traffic zone for the first time in the nation will accelerate low-emission measures for the entire capital area. It is analyzed that if the measure successfully makes older category 5 vehicles completely disappear in the green traffic zone, the emission of the particulate matter in the zone will be reduced by 15.6 %.

    Seoul will launch an initiative to vitalize eco-friendly green transportation, including the running of buses, bicycles and shared cars in the green traffic zone, in order to prevent the inconvenience of citizens due to the limitation of certain vehicles.