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  • Seoul Implements Special Safety Measures Against Terrorist Attacks

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    In response to a recent increase in terrorist threats, the Seoul Metro has established special safety measures along Seoul Subway Lines 1 through 4. The new safety measures, aimed at preventing terrorist activity in subway facilities, will remain in place until the citywide terror alert level returns from “substantial” back down to “moderate”.

    New measures not only include more frequent announcements in subway stations and cars regarding safety precautions, but also involve tighter inspection and safety procedures. These measures, in addition to Seoul Metro’s standard manual on handling terror threats, are aimed at ensuring the safety and peace of mind of all Seoul citizens.

    Measures implemented focus primarily on prevention through careful monitoring, allowing subway personnel to effectively deal with any suspicious item or person before a threat is imminent. Each subway station is now being monitored 24/7 through the use of surveillance cameras, and subway station personnel are making regular rounds to further eliminate any blind spots.

    In addition, about four to six policemen are now being stationed in 14 major stations around Seoul, including Seoul Station and Express Bus Terminal Station. The policemen are making regular rounds of the platforms and transfer passageways and are fully equipped to take action against anyone deemed a threat to the general public.

    A central safety control room has also been established to ensure a unified command system in the case of terrorist activity. The safety control room is equipped with a comprehensive system that allows personnel to easily monitor subway schedules and surveillance cameras in real time where incidents have taken place, helping the safety control room act as a mediator to share information between related authorities.