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  • Seoul Implements “Comprehensive Measures for Summer 2021”

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is implementing its comprehensive measures for Summer 2021 over the course of five months starting on May 15. Its goals are to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and establish an extensive safety net for safety against summer disasters and accidents.

    ① Earnest measures to protect citizens’ health

    The SMG will speed up its citywide COVID-19 vaccination. Following the guidance of the central government, the SMG will categorize the targets of vaccination according to priority, and expand the range of targets until October for 70% (6.06 million) of citizens aged 18 and older to be vaccinated.

    The disease control and prevention system for public transportation will be reinforced in preparation for the rise of travelers. Eating and drinking will be restricted all across Hangang Park, where many people go to during summer, and the SMG will launch campaigns to promote social distancing and going home early. In addition, the SMG will limit operations of large fountains and water playgrounds to combat the spread of droplets. Currently, the SMG is promoting its window ventilation campaign to encourage citizens to ventilate indoor spaces. The SMG has prepared measures not only for COVID-19, but also common summer diseases, such as food poisoning and bacterial pneumonia.

    ② Customized measures against heat waves for the vulnerable

    The SMG is reinforcing its measures to protect the vulnerable, including the elderly who find it hard to get through summer due to the risk of COVID-19 as well as local residents living in inadequate residential facilities and the homeless.

    The SMG will operate heat wave shelters for citizens to take rest from the scorching heat as well as shelters exclusively for the homeless and residents of inadequate residential facilities. The SMG will also actively seek out and assist households in crisis via local welfare communities, such as neighborhood outreach teams, and protect the vulnerable suffering difficulties during heat waves.

    ③ Measures to minimize damage from storms and floods

    The SMG has organized the Seoul Metropolitan Disaster and Safety Countermeasure Headquarters to minimize damages from storms and floods for summer of 2021. The headquarters has implemented an emergency shift work system to respond to three levels of emergency according to rainfall situations.

    From February to April, the SMG and Seoul’s districts have held nine discussions on measures to prepare against damages from storms and floods, and completed inspections and repairs for facilities vulnerable to storms and floods, including river and flood control facilities, construction sites, and basement facilities.

    A preemptive river control system will be operated to prevent isolated accidents that might occur as a result of heavy flooding. When a heavy rainfall alert is issued, 1,231 river facilities will be immediately shut down and a warning/alert system will be in operation to block the entry of citizens.

    ④ Preemptive safety measures to prevent accidents

    The SMG will also implement safety inspections for facilities vulnerable to disasters, including construction sites, traffic facilities, waterworks, and road facilities. Furthermore, facilities such as camping sites and performance halls will be targets of safety inspection to ensure that citizens enjoy safe recreational activities during summer vacation.

    In addition, Seoul Safety Experience Center will now offer online programs for citizens to experience without having to visit the center.