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  • Seoul hosts the Smart City Summit & Conference 2019 to seek development of smart city with global cities and companies

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  • Seoul hosts the Smart City Summit & Conference 2019 to seek development of smart city with global cities and companies

  • Press Releases SMG 989
    • Seoul holds the Smart City Summit & Conference 2019 at Dongdaemun Design Plaza from October 1 to 2
    • City representatives from Tallinn of Estonia, Zurich of Switzerland, Kampala of Uganda and Los Angeles of the U.S. will attend the summit
    • It is to discuss ways to cooperate for smart city and share the success case of smart city among global cities and companies
    • The summit provides rich contents including smart cities seen in films and experiences of start-ups

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, September 26, 2019 — The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that it will host the Seoul Smart City Summit & Conference 2019 from October 1 to 2, 2019, at Art 2 of Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) jointly with the Seoul Digital Foundation where global city representatives, companies, experts and citizens discuss how to develop smart cities and share their experiences.

    From 10am to 12pm on the first day of the event (Oct. 1), the summit will hold a round table session where city representatives and companies share smart city experiences. At the session, Tallinn of Estonia and Zurich of Switzerland famous for block chain technology will present their smart city experiences and Los Angeles and San Francisco delegation will share various strategies for smart city.

    As a Korean corporate case, Korea Telecom (KT) will present 5G technology enabling virtual reality, automated driving and IoT. Studio Cross Culture will share a story about “Hyodori” which provides support for health management for the elderly based on AI technology. Also, visitors will see a nice project outcome where SRPOST provides a solution (exporting the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s civil complaint uploading system) to solve the concerns of the City of Kampala (Mayor Eng Andrew M Kitaka), which wants to systematically handle various issues arising from urban development and expansion by using a smart strategy.

    On the second day (Oct. 2), the Smart Seoul Conference will be held where people can find the cases of solving urban problems with digital technology and start-ups and mid-sized firms will share its projects and experiences of developing smart city home and abroad.

    Meanwhile, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold a business networking session where overseas cities and companies can discuss how to cooperate for developing a smart city, a sharing session where an agency which provides support for companies to go global will introduce its supportive policy, and a workshop where Sweden, Swiss and US embassies in Korea collaborate each other to build up a corporate network home and abroad. The Seoul Digital Foundation will run various events including a smart city solution league where youth start-ups realize citizens’ ideas.