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  • Seoul Hosts SICAF 2019, the Largest Animated Film Festival in Asia

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    The festival that gathers cartoon and animation enthusiasts from all around the world is just on the horizon. Seoul will be holding the Seoul Promotion Plan (SPP), Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (SICAF), and Seoul International Imagination Industry (Si3) this year from July 15 to 21.

    ① Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (SICAF) 2019: July 17 to 21
    Held for the first time in 1995 as a small-scale animation screening, the Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (SICAF) is celebrating its 23rd anniversary this year. As one of the five largest animation festivals in the world, SICAF has become the largest international animation festival in Asia.

    SICAF 2019 will take place from July 17 to 21 at Hall A4 and Megabox in COEX under the theme, “Innovative Change.” A total of 2,565 pieces of work from 93 countries were submitted to SICAF 2019 and among those, 103 pieces from 28 countries that demonstrate diversity and artistry have been selected to be presented during the festival period.

    Cartoon and animation exhibitions will also be held, consisting of a special exhibition, planned exhibition, and invitational exhibition. Additionally, a variety of exciting contents will be provided at a talk show with webtoon artists, costume play performances, and display booths hosted by animation-related organizations and companies.

    At the festival, other programs and events will be held for the enjoyment of animation enthusiasts, families, and those who love culture and arts, including “Master Class,” where attendees can learn about the expertise of master artists who are actively making animations, “Dubbing Artist’s Day” and “Sing Along” for animation fans, and more. Tickets can be reserved on Naver or Interpark and films will be screened at Megabox, COEX.

    ② Seoul Promotion Plan (SPP): July 15 to 17
    Seoul Promotion Plan (SPP), the largest animation and webtoon market in Asia, will be held from July 15 to 17 at Millennium Seoul Hilton.

    SPP is comprised of ① Biz-matching, where investment is encouraged through the matching of buyers to sellers, ② Asia New Direction, where representative Asian media companies discuss the development of the animation industry and the vitalization of business in Asia, ③ Conference, where the latest content trends are shared, and ④ Ignite, a business presentation by the media and production companies of South Korea.

    In particular, large-sized global buyers, such as Netflix, Disney, and Youku, will partake in the Biz-matching event at SPP, offering business consultation with Korean content companies.

    ③ Seoul International Imagination Industry (Si3): July 19 to 20
    Only July 19 and 20 at DDP, the Seoul International Imagination Industry (Si3) will be the largest meeting place in Asia that encompasses the industrial, artistic, technological aspects of cartoons, webtoons, and animation, envisioning the present and the future of content industry.

    The event will be held with the theme, “The Age of Discovery: Engagement for the New Renaissance,” with keynote speeches by Dan Sarto, the co-founder of Animation World Network, and Ken Anjyo, the executive director of OLM Digital, the company in charge of the computer graphics for Pokemon and Yo-kai Watch.

    The forum will be host to 20 speakers and lecturers from eight companies, including Korean and foreign artists (animators and creators of Disney Pixar, etc.), directors, professors, and businessmen and women. Additionally, a variety of events will be held, including the professional workshop and academy for hands-on workers and specialists in the field.

    In addition, there will be an event that will allow participants to listen to the background story of the production of The Dam Keeper, the animation that has attracted attention from world famous film festivals and media outlets, such as Academy and CNN.