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  • Seoul to hosts ‘Seoul Kimchi Making & Sharing Festival’

  • Press Releases SMG 1900
    • – From Nov 14 to 16, 2014 Seoul Kimchi Making Culture Festival will be held at Seoul Plaza
    • – Under the theme of Making and Sharing, Korea’s Kimjang culture will be revived and recreated in the festival
    • – About 6,000 people will gather to make Kimchi with 250 tons of cabbages, which later will be donated to underprivileged
    • – Seoul Mayor Park Won-Soon said, “Seoul is committed to promoting Kimchi and Kimjang culture of sharing and develop it into global contents.”

    Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that it will host its first ‘Seoul Kimchi Making & Sharing Festival’, through which Seoul aims to revive and recreate the ‘Kimjang culture’ of Korea.

    The ‘Kimjang culture’ of Korea is a traditional Korean event where a large volume of Kimchi is made and preserved to last through the winter. The tradition has attracted global attention as it was registered on the UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity List, at the end of 2013.

    The 2014 Seoul Kimchi Making Culture Festival is scheduled to be held for three days, from Nov 14 to 16. The dates follow the wisdom of ancestors who knew that it was the best time for them to make a large sum of Kimchi for a long winter. The festival will be held at center of Seoul, including Seoul Plaza, Gwanghwamun Plaza, Cheonggye Plaza, Sejong-ro Park, and Taepyeong-ro.

    All the Kimchi made in the festival will be donated to about 25,000 underprivileged people, including the elderly living alone, low-income families, and people living in welfare facilities.

    SMG plan to foster Kimchi Making & Sharing Festival to be a representative festival of Seoul and promote it as major Hallyu contents. To this end, SMG will annualize the festival where visitors can enjoy foods and entertainment from this year, and integrate a variety of cultural elements into the festival.

    Under the theme of “Making and Sharing, a New Beginning for Korean Kimjang,” the Kimchi Making and Sharing Festival will consist of about 20 programs in five categories: 1) Sharing: Making and Sharing, Kimjang Sharing 2) Exhibition: The History and Future of Kimchi at a Glance 3) Experience: Making My Own Kimchi 4) Market and Tasting: Tasting and Purchasing Kimchi and 5) Culture: Kimchi-themed Cultural Programs

    Total of 6,000 citizens will make 255 ton of Kimchi at Seoul Plaza on Nov 14, 15, 16, and Cheonggye Plaza on Nov 14.

    In addition, Making and Sharing Kimchi event will be joined by a number of companies, multicultural families, and foreigners, including Chinese tourists, which is expected that the event will promote the Kimjang culture to overseas.

    At Gwanghwamun Plaza, a special exhibition, “Kimjang, The Wisdom of Time” will be held to showcase various and rare types of Kimchi, such as Kimchi that was served at royal meals and temples and Kimchi made by jongbu, the wife of the master of a family clan. It will offer a window for people to look back the history of Kimchi and get a glimpse of its future as well.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government plans on fostering and elevating the Kimchi Making and Sharing Festival to the ranks of other global cultural festivals, such as Carnival in Brazil, Oktoberfest in Germany, and the Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan.

    “The Kimchi Making and Sharing Festival will be a great opportunity for us to revive our communal culture of sharing and cooperation, and also to spread the word about Korea’s Kimjang culture,” said Seoul Mayor Park Won- Soon. “We will develop the festival into an event that people around the world can enjoy together, thereby creating new values. And we will work hard to contribute to the development of the Korean food industry through Kimchi.”