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  • Seoul Hosts Seoul Human Rights Conference 2019 from December 5-6

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    Seoul Human Rights Conference 2019 Seoul, an Inclusive and Sustainable City December 5(Thu) - 6(Fri) 2019, Seoul City Hall(8F) Date & TimeProgramDec 5
(Thu)	11:30~13:30 (120')	
A Local Governments Human Rights Commission Workshop meeting
A Local Governments Human Rights Cities Network meeting
13:30~14:30(60')	Registration
14:30~15:00(30')	Opening Ceremony
Special Session 1 Creation and continuation of a sustainable human rights implementation in cities, countries and the international community
Dec 6
(Fri)	10:00~12:30 (150')	
General Session 1
Community care (community-integrated care) and human rights
12:30~13:30(60')	13:30~15:30 (120')	General Session 2
Inclusive administration of migrants to achieve the goal of becoming a sustainable Seoul
15:30~17:30 (120')	General Session 3
Causes of and countermeasures against domestic violence on married migrant women
17:30~18:00(30')	Closing Ceremony

    Seoul will be hosting the Seoul Human Rights Conference 2019 from December 5-6 in the Multipurpose Hall (Main Hall, 8F) of Seoul City Hall.

    The conference will be composed of four sessions, including the special session on the first day under the theme of “Building and Maintaining Sustainable Human Rights Regime in Cities, Countries, and the International Society” and three general sessions on the recent issues related to human rights. Additionally, continuous exchange and cooperation will be promoted between domestic local governments that are executing administration for human rights.

    At the opening ceremony on December 6, a welcome speech by the mayor of Seoul will be followed by welcome speeches by the Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission of Korea and the Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission of Seoul. Following the opening ceremony, a special session will take place to discuss how to build and maintain a sustainable human rights regime.

    In the morning on December 7, the first general session will take place under the theme, “Community Care (Local Comprehensive Care).” Experts, concerned individuals, and their protectors will gather to seek ways to enhance the human rights of social minorities in the local community, including the elderly and the handicapped. In the afternoon, two sessions will take place for in-depth discussions on the cases and institutions for the protection and enhancement of the human rights of immigrants, which are recent issues in the realm of human rights.

    For more information, visit the official website of the Seoul Human Rights Conference (http://shrc.kr).

    □ Overview of Event

    • Title: Seoul Human Rights Conference 2019 (SHRC)
    • Date: December 5 (Thurs.)-6 (Fri.), 2019
    • Venue: Multipurpose Hall (8F), Seoul City Hall
    • Theme: Inclusive City, Seoul/Sustainable Seoul