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  • Seoul Hosts Seoul Bookstore Fair 2019

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    2019 Seoul bookstore fair nov.9(sat) - nov.10(sun) dddp crea 2nd floor academy hall 3rd floor seoul bookstore fair 2019

    Seoul will be hosting Seoul Bookstore Fair 2019 from November 9 (Sat.) – 10 (Sun.). The goal of the event is to revitalize local bookstores through networking and information exchange between bookstores in Seoul, as well as fostering the reading culture amongst citizens. Seoul Bookstore Fair 2019 will take place in CREA (Dongdaemun Design Plaza, 2F) and Academy Hall (Dongdaemun Design Plaza, 3F).

    On November 9, 2019 (Sat.), bookstore owners from throughout the country will gather in Academy Hall (DDP, 3F) for the opening ceremony in celebration of Bookstore Day and to hold a conference.

    During both days of the event this year, a bookselling booth will be operated with the participation of owners of local bookstores, second-hand bookstores, and regular citizens in CREA (DDP, 2F). Participants will be offered booths for selling, displaying, and promoting their books. In case the bookstore owners are unable to keep their seat at the booth, consignment sale is also supported.

    Various cultural programs will take place at the event venue as well, such as meeting the authors, proverb reading club, portrait drawing in 15 seconds, silkscreen, and more. There will be an introduction to “Seoul Bookshops,” part of the local bookstore vitalization project, and exhibitions on the 120-year history of bookstores in Seoul that utilize the unique content from each bookstore.

    More information on the schedule of Seoul Bookstore Fair 2019 and to learn how to participate, visit the official blog of Seoul Library (blog.naver.com/seoul_library). Application for participation in the culture programs of bookstores is available by contacting each bookstore. For other inquiries, contact Seoul Library at ☎82-2-2133-0219.