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  • Seoul Hosts Pavement EXPO

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    Seoul Hosts Pavement EXPO

    Seoul’s Pavement EXPO 2019 will be held from June 19 to 21 at Seoul Plaza and Seoul City Hall (at the conference hall on 8F). The EXPO will be a venue for experts from pavement companies, both domestic and international, that utilize pioneering technologies, to have discussions with the residents of Seoul on functional pavement and the pedestrian policies of the city.

    The “New Pavement Exhibition” held for three days in the west part of the Seoul Plaza will allow visitors to observe and experience excellent blocks with high durability, water permeability, and aesthetic impressions, as well as curbs, side gutters, manhole covers, and others.

    The “Pavement Symposium” will be held on the second day of the EXPO. Environment specialists, block manufacturers, and research institutes will gather to discuss the introduction of the air purifying blocks using photocatalysis, a technology for reducing levels of particulate matter.

    Additional events include the “Demonstration of the Effect of Air Purifying Blocks” to reduce levels of particulate matter and the “Exhibition and Demonstration of the Pore Recovery Device for Water Permeable Blocks” held in front of the Seoul Library.

    The “Block Playground” and “Photo Exhibition of Pavement” will take place in the east part of the Seoul Plaza. More information, such as the directory, is available on the official website of Seoul Pavement EXPO 2019 (http://www.seoul.go.kr/2019blockexpo). For inquiries, contact the Management Office at ☎ +82-2-6012-6015 or via e-mail (2019blockexpo@orangeocean.co.kr)