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  • Seoul Hosts International Symposium for Public Space Innovation

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    Delegates from Seoul and New York will be gathered to discuss public innovation.

    Seoul City will hold the International Symposium for Public Space Innovation in Seoul & New York 2016, under the theme “Seoul and New York Talk about Public Innovation” from October 27th (Thu) to 28th (Fri).

    As the importance of public squares, parks, and green spaces increases, urban public space is in a continual state of evolution. The processes of creating and managing public space are becoming more diverse than ever, and various sectors including public and private are cooperating. The time has come to discuss the future of public space and innovate new ways of establishing and developing public spaces in our communities.

    New York-based experts, representatives of NGO groups such as High Line, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and Governors Island, and a leader of New York City will attend the symposium.

    Experts, students, and citizens can also join the main session on Oct. 28th (Fri) beginning at 13:30 on the 10th floor conference room in Post Tower, Myeong-dong. For participation, preregistration on the website (http://ispsi2016.com) is required by Oct. 21st (Fri).

    On the first day, local and international speakers, the symposium organizing committee, local activists, and city officials will tour selected public spaces and hold in-depth discussions regarding the future challenges of each site as well as the current condition of public spaces in Seoul. The second day will open with a congratulatory address from the Mayor of Seoul, Keynote sessions, Matching Sessions of Public Spaces in Seoul and New York (main), Comprehensive Presentation (commentary), and a Floor Discussion.

    In the four sessions, joint presentations and discussions will follow highlighting similarities and differences in the representative public spaces of New York, including The High Line, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Central Park, and Governors Island with those of Seoul, including Seoul Station Overpass, Mapo Cultural Storage Site, Seoul Children’s Grand Park, and Nodeulseom.

    The website (http://ispsi2016.com) provides an introduction to programs and events as well as information on the public spaces of both cities and the speakers for the event. (Inquiry: operation office 070-4610-3724)