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  • Seoul Hosts International Online Conference in Preparation for the Post-Coronavirus Era with International Solidarity

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    □ [Seoul, South Korea] The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will hold an international online conference “CAC (Cities Against COVID-19) Global Summit 2020” from Mon, Jun. 1 to Fri, Jun. 5 regarding overcoming the COVID-19 crisis and preparing for a significant paradigm shift. The conference will include participation of about 120 individuals, including mayors from around the world as well as international scholars and experts from various fields, for five days of concentrated discussions.

    □ The conference will not encompass a particular area, but will address all areas of society affected by COVID-19, and this is the first attempt in which global cities will share response measures. The video conference will be conducted without an audience but will connect the whole world through an “untact” method. Simultaneous interpretations will be available in both English and Korean.
    ○ At the request of cities around the world, the SMG opened the English online platform CAC (Cities Against COVID-19) (http://english.seoul.go.kr/covid) on Apr. 9 to share Seoul’s policies and know-how on quarantine measures (“S-quarantine”). The website saw a breakthrough of more than 6 million views for two months. At this international conference, participants will do more than sharing by aiming to create a center for cooperation and solidarity.

    □ Experts and city government officials will discuss cooperative tasks regarding ten areas of the post-coronavirus era, which include prevention measures, the climate and environment, culture, public transportation, and smart city. Discussions will comprise of topics in distance learning, urban resilience and sustainability, and governance. Former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, will send a message of support for the international conference through a video message.

    □ On Tue, Jun. 2, Mayor Park Won-soon will host the “Mayoral Meeting” to be joined by mayors from around 40 cities around the world, including Moscow and Jakarta. The conference will stress the role of city governments and the need for solidarity in addition to proposing a plan for establishment of an international organization for countermeasures against an infectious disease. The Seoul Declaration will also be adopted at the meeting. Mayor Park Won-soon’s keynote address will present the Seoul Proposal for Overcoming Urban Crisis During a Pandemic. At the discussion session on climate and environment on Wed, Jun. 3, the vision for the Seoul-type Green New Deal will be presented.

    □ On Thu, Jun. 4, Mayor Park Won-soon will have a conversation with Jared Mason Diamond, the author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning work, Guns, Germs, and Steel, and world-renowned cultural anthropologist. The two will discuss the future of mankind following the pandemic and responses by cities.

    □ All programs of the international conference will be broadcasted in real-time in Korean and English (simultaneous interpretation) via the official SMG YouTube channel (Korean and English) for viewers around the world. The conference will also be broadcasted on Arirang TV, a global broadcasting network with more than 138 million viewers in 105 countries worldwide.
    ○ The live YouTube broadcast is available via the official SMG YouTube channel (Korean: https://www.youtube.com/seoullive, English: https://www.youtube.com/seoulcityofficial) at the scheduled relay time. The broadcasts will also be available to watch after the live broadcast is over.

    □ The SMG installed a video conference studio and a large LED screen at the Multipurpose Hall of Seoul City Hall for this international conference. Foreign participants can partake in the video conference at one’s respective mayor’s office or study.
    ○ The studio will be installed after a thorough disinfection process. Only 10% (about fifty individuals) of the normal capacity of the Multipurpose Hall will be allowed entrance, allowing in only speakers and staff members with their temperatures checked while wearing masks.

    □ The SMG announced that the CAC Global Summit 2020 will hold fifteen sessions under the theme of “Cooperation and Solidarity Between Municipal Governments in Response to COVID-19.” The main slogan of the summit is “Together We Stand.”

    □ The first day of the summit, Mon, Jun. 1, is Pre-Summit Day. Foreign influencers currently residing in Korea, such as Ilya Belyakov (Russia), Sujan Shakya (Nepal) and Aancod Zaccarelli (UK), will introduce everyday prevention measures for COVID-19 and connect the video conference to friends of their home countries.

    □ On the second day, Tue, Jun. 2, Mayoral Meeting will be held. The conference will begin with a keynote address by Mayor Park Won-soon, followed by the adoption of the Seoul Declaration and a presentation of cases of COVID-19 countermeasures in major cities by continent.

    □ The third to fifth days, Wed, Jun. 3 to Fri, Jun. 5, will be days for concentrated discussions in ten areas by session. Public officials of the SMG who oversee policies in each area will take part in the discussions to actively share Seoul’s “S-quarantine” know-how.

    □ At the climate and environment session on Wed, Jun. 3, there will be presentations by Mayor Park Won-soon, Chair Professor Choe Jae-chun of Ewha Womans University, and Samuel Bowles, the author of The Moral Economy, on the topic of “COVID-19 triggered by climate change, and the major social transition following the outbreak,” then followed by a debate.
    ○ Also, on Wed, Jun. 3, there will be a presentation about Seoul’s countermeasures against COVID-19 during the session on quarantine measures by Director-General Na Baek-ju of the SMG Citizens’ Health Bureau. Officials from Los Angeles and other cities will also share countermeasures cases. The sessions on education and city sharing will be time for concentrated discussions on distance learning, urban recovery and sustainability in the post-coronavirus era.
    ○ The “Citizen Participation” session will introduce cases of countermeasures against COVID-19 that were joined by the civil society and local communities and the method of sharing timely information with citizens by the SMG.

    □ On Thu, Jun. 4, Mayor Park Won-soon and Jared Diamond will take part in a one-hour online talk for an hour and a half on the topic of “The World’s Paradigm Shift After COVID-19.” Mayor Park Won-soon will attend the video conference at the Seoul City Hall while Professor Diamond joins in from his home study in the US. The two are expected to discuss the future of mankind following the pandemic.
    ○ Also on that day, there will be sessions in the areas of cultural arts, welfare, and public transportation. The session on welfare, which will seek the role of the public sector during a disaster, will be time to discuss welfare for vulnerable groups in a situation regarding an infectious disease like COVID-19. Seoul’s Emergency Disaster Relief Funds will be introduced, along with presentations on cases of measures taken by local welfare institutions and the role of Seoul’s Dolbom SOS Center for universal welfare.

    ○ During the session on cultural arts, the SMG and major global cities will introduce cases of “untact” performances in addition to debating about the direction for growth in the culture and arts in the post-coronavirus era.

    □ On the last day, Fri, Jun. 5, Mayor Park Won-soon and main participants of the summit will make a general review of the global summit results and discuss future projects. It will also address cases of measures against COVID-19 through cities’ use of ICT and plans for operation of safe professional sports games.

    □ The SMG will arrange the “Innovative Companies IR” at the international conference to give all-around support in investment attractions of up-and-coming enterprises. The platform will introduce 22 Seoul-based innovative businesses such as “untact” IT-based enterprises and medicine & medical device enterprises to the world as biomedical sciences and “untact” industries are being noted in the post-coronavirus era.

    □ Through the CAC Global Summit 2020, the SMG aims to take off as the world’s “standard city” in all social fields in addition to preventive measures. The city also plans to establish itself as “Smart City Seoul,” “Safe City Seoul,” and “Green City Seoul.”

    □ Mayor Park Won-soon stated that, “The COVID-19 situation has confirmed that the whole world is connected. As the main slogan of this summit, ‘Together We Stand,’ will demonstrate, cooperation and solidarity are the only ways for the world to overcome the COVID-19 crisis. The CAC Global Summit 2020 will be a venue for global solidarity and cooperation in time when preparations for a new order of the post-coronavirus era are needed. The SMG will introduce its “S-quarantine” and share a vision for a new standard city in all social areas with the world. We hope this summit will become a starting point where the whole world will put their heads together to establish a new standard for cities in this era of major transition triggered by COVID-19.”

    Schedule of CAC Global Summit 2020


    • Title: Cities Against COVID-19 Global Summit 2020
    • Theme: Cooperation and Solidarity between Municipal Governments in Response to COVID-19
      • – 15 sessions, including Mayoral Meeting
    • Period: Jun. 1-5, 2020
    • Venue: 8F, Multipurpose Hall, Seoul City Hall
      (installation of video conference studio)
    • Participants: Seoul Metropolitan Government, related officials and experts from cities overseas, related businesses, etc.
    • Operation: video conferencing / global broadcasting via YouTube and international broadcasting stations
      • – international video conference with 90 minutes per session, provided with simultaneous interpretation
      • Safety: Filming studio on 1F / news collection on 2F (separated space and flow of movement)
      • – Presentation: Pre-recorded greetings from overseas, or local broadcasts in real time (Korean-English subtitles)

    Poster (Slogan: “Together We Stand”)


    Mon–Fri, Jun. 1-6, 2020

    Day 1
    Mon, Jun. 1
    Day 2
    Tue, Jun. 2
    Day 3
    Wed, Jun. 3
    Day 4
    Thu, Jun. 4
    Day 5
    Fri, Jun. 5
    [11:00–12:00] Pre-Summit Day

    – Introduction of “Everyday Life Quarantine” scheme delivered by international influencers living in South Korea
    Public Communications Bureau

    [22:00–23:30] Mayoral Meeting

    – Opening address from Mayor of Seoul
    – Discussion on international solidarity and organization of cities around the world to fight infectious diseases
    – Seoul Declaration
    Planning and Administration Office

    [09:00–11:10] Discussion on Climate & Environment
    USA, Canada

    – Presentations and discussions by mayors
    – Major Social Transition after COVID-19
    – Presentation and discussion by Samuel Bowles (USA), etc.
    Climate & Environment Headquarters

    [08:00–09:30] Conversation with
    Jared Diamond
    USA (LA)

    – Conversation between Jared Diamond and Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon
    on the World’s Paradigm Shift After COVID-19
    Seoul Institute

    [07:45–09:00] Discussion on
    Smart City
    Singapore, Italy
    Smart City Policy Bureau
    [13:00–14:30] Discussion on Quarantine Measures
    USA, China

    Citizens’ Health Bureau

    [10:00–11:00] Global Summit Discussion Forum

    – Discussion between the mayor of Seoul and participants of the summit

    Media Foundation TBS

    [15:30–17:00] Discussion on Education
    New Zealand, USA
    Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education
    [16:00–17:00] Discussion on Culture
    UK, Switzerland
    Culture Headquarters
    [13:30–16:00] Innovative Companies IR
    Economic Policy Office
    [18:00–19:30] Discussion on
    Urban Sharing
    Italy, Belgium, Spain,
    Netherlands, USA
    Seoul Innovation Bureau
    [18:00–19:30] Discussion on Welfare

    Welfare Policy Office

    [17:00–18:30] Discussion on Sports
    Taipei, USA, Malaysia
    Tourism & Sports Bureau
    [21:00–22:30] Discussion on
    Citizen Participation
    Spain, Hong Kong

    Seoul Democracy Committee

    [23:00–24:30] Discussion on
    Public Transportation
    China, UK, Singapore,

    City Transportation Office

    ※ CAC Global Summit 2020: Topics by Session

    Date and Time Category Topic
    Mon, Jun. 1 11:00–12:00 Pre-Summit Day COVID-19 as seen by international influencers residing in Korea
    Tue, Jun. 2 22:00–23:30 Mayoral Meeting Sharing of cases of overcoming COVID-19 by city governments worldwide and future cooperation
    Wed, Jun. 3 09:00–11:10 Discussion on Climate and Environment Observation of major social transitions after the COVID-19 situation triggered by climate crisis
    13:00–14:30 Discussion on Quarantine Measures Sharing of COVID-19 quarantine measures by the SMG and major global cities
    15:30–17:00 Discussion on Education Cases of distance learning and plans for expansion
    18:00–19:30 Discussion on Urban Sharing Discussion for direction of urban sharing in the post-COVID-19 era and case studies
    21:00–22:30 Discussion on Citizen Participation Actions against COVID-19 taken by the civil society and local communities
    Thu, Jun. 4 08:00–09:30 Conversation with Jared Diamond Observation of major social transitions after the COVID-19 crisis
    16:00–17:00 Discussion on Culture Direction for growth of culture and arts in the post-COVID-19 era
    18:00–19:30 Discussion on Welfare Support cases for groups vulnerable to disaster measures, and the role of the public sector for effective support
    23:00–24:30 Discussion on Public Transportation Meeting on sharing of cases of countermeasures against COVID-19 for sustainable public transportation
    Fri, Jun. 5 07:45–09:00 Discussion on Smart City Cases of countermeasures against COVID-19 through use of ICT
    10:00–11:00 Global Summit Discussion Forum Results and tasks of the CAC Global Summit 2020
    13:30–16:00 Innovative Companies IR “22 Outstanding Companies in 2020s”
    17:00–18:30 Discussion on Sports Open meeting for preventive measures in sports for safe operation of sports games

    Studio Arrangement (Tentative)

    Diagram of Video Conference Broadcasting and Interpretation

    System Flowchart Video Sources

    Summit Website and YouTube Live

    CAC 2020 Official Website “Seoul City Official”:
    Official YouTube Channel of the
    Seoul Metropolitan Government (English)

    Website Overview
    – Address: www.cac2020.or.kr
    – Languages: Korean, English
    – Opening Date: Wed, May 27
    – Main Menus: Overview of the summit, schedule & programs, YouTube Live channel, media archive, innovative companies IR, links to related websites, including the platform for sharing COVID-19 information of Seoul

    How to Watch Live Broadcasts Online
    – Official SMG YouTube channel:
    (Korean) https://www.youtube.com/seoullive
    (English) https://www.youtube.com/seoulcityofficial
    – Official SMG Facebook account:
    (English) facebook.com/seoulcitykorea
    ※ Facebook broadcasting corresponds to Mayoral Meeting (Jun. 2), Discussion on Climate & Environment (Jun. 3), Conversation with Jared Diamond (Jun. 4), and Closing Conference of the Global Summit (Jun. 5).