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  • Seoul Hosts Global Start-Up Event, “Start-Up Seoul: Tech Rise”

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    Main Program
Testbed Seoul Fair, Start-up Showcase, Company Consultation
Keynote Speech, Global Roundtable, Panel Discussion, Talk Concert
Pitching of Start-ups with Innovative Products, Next Frontier Day for Representative Start-ups in Seoul
Seoul Startup Hub
Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)

    Start-Up Seoul: Tech-Rise 2019, an event organized by the city of Seoul and supervised by the Seoul Business Agency, will take place this year from September 4 to 6. The event venues include Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), Seoul Biohub, Seoul Startup Hub, and Yangjae R&D Innovation Hub. Participation is open to everyone, free-of-charge.

    Start-Up Seoul: Tech-Rise 2019 is a representative start-up ecosystem event held in Seoul with the participation of 200 start-ups and 300 domestic and foreign players from 20 countries. Participants will include 60 global experts in business foundation including JF Gauthier (USA, Startup Genome) and Bouke Marsman (the Netherlands, McKinsey & Company), 10 accelerators (AC) including Creative Valley (France) and Rocket Internet (Germany), and 130 investors & start-ups including Grab Ventures (Singapore) and Revolver Asia (Singapore).

    The event will be held under three themes: Global, Contest, and Share. Under the theme, Global, the event will host programs such as Seoul Start-up Ecosystem Tour with global figures like Chris Yeo (Grab Ventures) on Day 1, a keynote speech and discussion between panels on Day 2, and a seminar on the trends in the global start-up ecosystem on Day 3.

    Major figures who will participate in the programs under the Global theme include Yann Gozlan (France, Creative Valley), Adam Pluemer (USA, Sprint Academy), Magnus Grimeland (Singapore, Antler), and Jirut Wattoom (Thailand, Sprint Accelerator Thailand).

    Under the theme, Contest, there will be programs including the pitching contest for start-ups with innovative technologies & products on Day 2, the Seoul Start-up Next Frontier Day on Day 2, and a competition for start-ups’ overseas expansion on Day 3. What characterizes Start-Up Seoul: Tech-Rise 2019 Contest is that it holds a pitching contest and competition that are suitable for each industry, going beyond an exhibition or a piecemeal contest, which provides participants with the opportunities to attract investments and achieve sales.

    Seoul aims to attract investments of over KRW 12 billion and achieve sales of over KRW 5 billion through 15 channels of support associated with investment over the three days during which the event takes place. To this end, the city also hosts the Companies with Innovative Technology Testbed Exhibition, along with the pitching contests and competitions. The exhibition will become a channel for the innovative products in their initial development stage, for which to find the market is difficult, to be purchased by public institutions.

    Under the theme, Share, programs will be held including the participating domestic and foreign start-ups matching day on Day 2, the innovative products fair on Day 2, the large & global companies open innovation seminar on Day 2, and the Seoul start-up manufacture forum on Day 3. The event expects the participation of not only Seoul, but also companies, the private sector, and universities. 15 private institutions including SparkLabs and WeWork will operate a joint session in cooperation with the city. Six large domestic companies (CJ, Samsung, SK, Lotte, Hyundai Motors, and Benz Korea) will host an open innovation and meet-up to promote the collaboration with start-ups and exchanges with their businesses. The city of Seoul has set the goal of generating mutual business opportunities amongst the 300 institutions and 3,000 players through the programs that will be operated during the three-day period of the event.

    On September 5, Seoul will present Global Open Platform Startup City, the vision of the city, in front of the foreign start-up experts and audience. Seoul will attempt to advertise its status as a city to realize the goals of start-ups where talented people from around the world gather, a city open to innovative technologies, products, and services, and a city as a platform for sharing resources and information between different fields.

    With Start-Up Seoul: Tech-Rise 2019 as a catalyst, Seoul has plans to make itself a “Seoul for start-ups,” where foreign talent and entrepreneurs can realize their dreams, a “testbed city Seoul,” to quickly produce innovative products, and a “platform Seoul,” where players, including domestic and foreign investors and start-ups, can share information and resources.

    Website of Start-Up Seoul: Tech-Rise 2019: www.startupseoul.or.kr