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  • Seoul Hosts Global AI Conference “AICON 2019” on December 17

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    AI for ALL A World with Artificial Intelligence AICON19 Golbal AI Conference 2019 Global AI Conference 2019 December 17, 2019 (Tues.); 10:00-18:00 | AI Yangjae Hub

    How will Artificial Intelligence change our society and our lives? A technology exchange forum was opened where world-renowned scholars and 10 entrepreneurs in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) field, which is changing our lives through spreading the internet and medical diagnosis, got together to discuss the latest technology trends in the AI industry and seek a direction for development.

    Seoul held the 「Global AI Conference “AICON 2019”」 under the theme, “A World with Artificial Intelligence” (Human Intelligence × Artificial Intelligence) at the AI Yangjae Hub on December 17, 2019 (Tues.).

    At the conference, three experts from abroad, including Paul Werbos, director of the State of the Future” Millennium of the United Nations and called the master of the American artificial intelligence (AI) field, and an expert from Korea, came forward to be keynote speakers.

    In-depth topics were addressed, including technologies to prevent future difficulties in AI and internet regulations, analysis, and research on malicious software using deep learning, the direction of AI research and development, and the reliability of AI prediction in medical diagnosis.

    Prior to the start of the event, the signboard hanging ceremony was held to celebrate the new CI of AI Yangjae Hub as well as the inauguration ceremony of the “Seoul AI Development Council,” which will serve as a policy advisory body for innovative growth of the Seoul AI industry.

    □ Event Overview

    • Event: Global AI Conference “AICON 2019”
    • Theme: A World with Artificial Intelligence H I × A I	Human Intelligence
 H I × A I	Artificial Intelligence
      • – Presentation of the image of coexistence between AI, which has penetrated deep into our everyday lives showing infinite development, and Human Intelligence
    • Date and Time: 12/17 (Tues.); 10:00-18:00
    • Venue: AI Yangjae Hub (114, Taebong-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul)
    • Participation: 400 people including the general public and professionals from related fields
    • Host/Organizer: Seoul Metropolitan Government/ AI Yangjae Hub

    □ Main Content

    • Signboard Hanging Ceremony: Signboard unveiling of AI Yangjae Hub and a commemorative photograph
    • Opening Ceremony: Opening, Introduction of Visitors, Welcome Speech, Congratulatory Message
    • Inauguration Ceremony of Seoul AI Development Council: Presentation of a Letter of Appointment from the Development Council
    • Global AI Conference
      • -(Conference) Lectures by domestic and overseas technology and business experts in AI field (4 overseas, 6 domestic)
      • -(Seminar) Invitation seminar with a domestic AI knowledge-sharing community, “Keras Korea”
      • -(Demo Day and Exhibition) IR Demo Day and program performance for hub’s companies, technology exhibition