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  • Seoul Hosts Forum on “The Future of Tourism Start-ups” on November 13 (Wed.)

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    2019 Seoul Tourism Start-up Forum November 13, 2019 (Wed.) 14:00~17:00, 37F, Lotte Hotel Seoul

    On November 13, 2019 (Wed.), Seoul will be hosting the 2019 Seoul Tourism Start-up Forum under the theme “The Future of Tourism Start-ups” at Lotte Hotel Seoul. Celebrating its second anniversary, the forum will become a venue to share the latest trends in tourism and seek the vision and future strategies of tourism start-ups.

    Speakers of the forum will include ▲ the keynote speaker, Kim Dae-gwan (president of Korea Culture and Tourism Institute, professor of Kyung Hee University), ▲ and presenters Lim Soo-yeol (CEO of Frip, the social activity platform) and Lee Seung-hun (author of Platform, professor of Gachon University)

    □ Overview of Event

    • Event Title: 2019 Seoul Tourism Start-up Forum
    • Date & Venue: November 13, 2019 (Wed.) 14:00~17:00, 37F, Lotte Hotel Seoul
    • Theme: The Future of Tourism Start-ups
    • Participants: 150 individuals, including those from tourism start-ups, experts on tourism, officials of investment institutions, regular citizens, students
    • Event Contents: Discussion on the changes in tourism trends at home and abroad, as well as the strategies of tourism start-ups related to the reality and future of the tourism in Seoul, with the aim of boosting the competitiveness of tourism start-ups operated in Seoul