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  • Seoul Hosts CAC (Cities Against COVID-19) Global Summit 2020 for Global Cooperation and Discussion to Prepare the Post-COVID-19 Era

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  • Seoul Hosts CAC (Cities Against COVID-19) Global Summit 2020 for Global Cooperation and Discussion to Prepare the Post-COVID-19 Era

  • Press Releases SMG 2850
    • Seoul hosts international online conference “CAC Global Summit 2020” from June 1 to 5
    • It will be broadcasted live on Seoul city’s YouTube channel to link the world using “untact” methods of communication
    • Discussion of mayors around the world and experts on cooperation and challenges in 10 areas including climate & environment and culture for the post-COVID-19 era
    • The talks between Jared Diamond, the author of Guns, Germs, and Steel, and Mayor Park will take place under the theme “The World’s Paradigm Shift After COVID-19”
    • The Seoul Declaration will be announced to propose the foundation of “Megacity Alliance Against Pandemic” during the World Mayors Summit

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, May 28, 2020 — Seoul will host the international video conference “CAC Global Summit 2020” from June 1 to 5 for a global discussion to overcome COVID-19. About 120 people including mayors of cities from across the world and experts in various fields will put their heads together to seek ways to fight against COVID-19 and share experiences.

    It will be the world’s first attempt to hold a global conference for discussing ways to respond infectious diseases in all fields of society from the perspective of the cities. The video studio will be prepared for the Summit, which will connect the international participants online using “untact” methods of communication.

    As more and more international organizations and cities over the world desire to learn Seoul’s COVID-19 quarantine countermeasures and know-hows, the Seoul Metropolitan Government, April 9, opened the online platform entitled “CAC,” which stands for “Cities Against COVID-19” at http://english.seoul.go.kr/covid and has been providing all information on the COVID-19 countermeasures Seoul has taken so far. In just about two months upon its opening, CAC achieved more than 6 million page views. The Summit is designed to take a step forward towards building a global solidarity and cooperative system.

    City government officials and experts will discuss cooperative projects in ten areas in the post-COVID-19 era, including disinfection, climate control, environment, culture, public transportation, and smart cities. Discussions will be mainly about remote education, urban resilience, sustainability, and governance.

    On June 2 (Tue.), Seoul Mayor Park Won-Soon will hold the World Mayors Summit with mayors from around 40 cities including Moscow and Jakarta. During the Summit, the “Seoul Declaration” will be announced to organize the Megacity Alliance Against Pandemic (MAAP), an international organization for solidarity between cities around the world in response to infectious diseases. In the keynote speech, Mayor Park will present “Seoul’s Proposal to Overcome the Global Crisis in the Era of Pandemic.”

    On June 3 (Wed.), Seoul will present its vision for the “Seoul’s Green New Deal” during the Climate & Environment session. On June 4 (Thu.), the conversation between Jared Mason Diamond, the author of Guns, Germs, and Steel, who won the Pulitzer Prize, and Mayor Park will take place under the theme, “The World’s Paradigm Shift After COVID-19.”


    June 1 (Mon.) June 2 (Tue.) June 3 (Wed.) June 4 (Thu.) June 5 (Fri.)
    [11:00-12:00] Pre-Summit
    – “Everyday Life Quarantine” guidelines to be introduced by int’l influencers living in Korea
    [22:00-23:30] World Mayors Summit
    – Opening address by Seoul Mayor
    – International solidarity and organization of cities around the world to be discussed to fight against infectious diseases
    – Seoul Declaration to be announced
    [09:00-11:00] Discussion Session: Climate & Environment
    USA, Canada
    – Presentations and discussions by mayors
    – Great Social Transformation after COVID-19
    – Presentation and discussion by Samuel Bowles (USA), etc.
    [08:00-09:30] Conversation with Jared Diamond
    LA, USA
    – Jared Diamond talks with Seoul Mayor Park on the World’s Paradigm Shift After COVID-19
    [07:45-09:00] Discussion Session:
    Smart City
    Singapore, Italy
        [13:00-14:30] Municipal Government Health Officials’ Meeting
    USA, China, Austria, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan
      [10:00-11:00] Global Summit Discussion Forum
    – Discussion between Seoul Mayor and participants of the Summit
        [15:30-17:00] Discussion Session: Education
    New Zealand, USA, Finland
    [16:00-17:00] Discussion Session: Culture
    UK, USA, Australia
    [13:30-16:00] Innovative Companies IR
        [18:00-19:30] Discussion Session:
    Urban Sharing
    Italy, Belgium, Spain
    [18:00-19:30] Discussion Session:
    UK, Singapore
    [17:00-18:30] Discussion Session: Sports
    Taiwan, USA, Malaysia
        [21:00-22:30] Discussion Session: Citizen Participation
    [21:00-22:30] Discussion Session: Public Transportation
    China, UK, Singapore