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  • Seoul Hosts 5-Day Broadcast Culture Celebration, DMC Festival

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    Seoul Hosts 5-Day Broadcast Culture Celebration, DMC Festival

    From September 5, Wednesday, to September 9, Sunday, the 2018 DMC Festival, featuring several media and entertainment artists, is to be held at the Sangam Digital Media City Complex.
    Currently, the Digital Media City Complex is home to approximately 500 businesses with around 40,000 associates, solidifying its position as a global media cluster.

    The DMC Festival 2018 is set to offer a variety of events in line with three different themes, including broadcast and music festivals, featuring an all-out attendance of Hallyu stars, business-supporting events, such as trial product exhibitions and job consultations, and media conferences as well.

    * Sept. 5 (Wed) – Sept. 9 (Sun) – Hallyu Star Broadcast & Music Festival at DMC Sangam Culture Plaza
    The DMC Sangam Culture Plaza will be hosting the 5-day long festival with broadcasting and music festivals scheduled for opening every evening. On Wednesday, the 5th, the K-pop Super Concert kicks things off with celebratory performances from such artists as Red Velvet, GFRIEND, Wanna One, Sohyang, Dynamic Duo, and more.

    The DJ Concert, opening on Thursday, is set to feature the complete lineup of MBC radio DJs, while on the 7th, the Mask Singer’s The Winner Concert will invite past show contestants on stage for a live performance, with the Korean Music Wave Concert on the 8th, scheduled to invite the elite of popular Hallyu artists. On the 9th, Sunday, the festival will wrap up with the A.M.N., or Asia Music Network, offering a variety of collaborative stages among Asian artists.

    * R&D Brand Trial Product Exhibitions & Various Streetside Events
    The Digital Media Street is scheduled to feature business-supporting events sponsored by the Seoul Business Agency (SBA). During the event period, there will be an exhibition of trial products from as many as 21 different R&D brands, amid other events open to the public.
    On Saturday (8th) and Sunday (9th), a parade and dance performances will take place featuring animation character favorites, in addition to busking by various artists to reward festival-goers with a variety of entertaining sights and fun things to do.

    * Sept. 5 (Wed) – Sept. 6 (Thur) – Visible Future Conference, ‘A Glimpse into the Future from the Heart of South east Asia’
    On Wednesday and Thursday, the 2018 Visible Future Conference is to be held at the MBC Open Hall, under the theme of ‘A Glimpse into the Future from the Heart of South east Asia.’
    Specialists from each field and global scholars will join one another to discuss a number of topics, including economic cooperation in Southeast Asia, seeking the direction of future technological development, and more.

    The festival will be completely open to the public. Please visit the official DMC Festival website (http://dmcfestival.com) to register to attend performances, as well as to find out other additional details.