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  • Seoul Hosts 2020 Seoul Smart City Leaders Forum

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    Inclusive Smart Cities for Sustainable Growth
Seoul Smart City Leaders Forum 2020
Tue, Sep. 22 – Wed, Sep. 23, 2020
Day 1 (Tue, Sep. 22): Leaders Seminar (16:00 – 18:00)
- [Part 1] Exemplary Smart City Cases
- [Part 2] Smart Citizen Talk Concert
Day 2 (Wed, Sep. 23): Leaders Conference (16:00 – 19:00)
- [Session 1] Exemplary Smart City Cases
- [Session 2] Smart Citizen Talk Concert
For more information, visit the official website (http://forum.seoul.go.kr/ssc2020).

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government hosts an event to propose the “Inclusive Smart City,” where there is no discrimination or gap, as the solution for the digital alienation, an issue that has arisen as the digitization takes place so rapidly due to COVID-19. In the event, the collective intelligence from home and abroad will have the chance to seek the future of the “Inclusive Smart City.”
    From Tue, Sep. 22 to Wed, Sep. 23, the SMG will be holding the 2020 Seoul Smart City Leaders Forum online, without an on-site audience. Under the theme of “Inclusive Smart City,” 11 cities, including Los Angeles, US. and Helsinki, Finland, as well as the experts and leaders in the field of the smart city will meet each other on an “untact” basis to share ideas.
    The forum will take place at Seoul On, the studio exclusively established by the SMG for video meetings at Taepyeong Hall of Seoul Citizens Hall. The events will be broadcast in real-time through official YouTube channels. Foreign speakers will be participating in the forum through video meetings from their own countries and the offline participation of domestic speakers will be minimized to comply with the disinfection regulations.
    For more information and schedule of the “2020 Seoul Smart City Leaders Forum,” please visit the official website (http://forum.seoul.go.kr/ssc2020). The live broadcasting will be available on the YouTube channels of the SMG and TBS, as well as on the official website of the forum and “Live Seoul,” Seoul’s social broadcasting service.
    By preparing and operating the event while making the best use of the advantages of the online meetings that are not subject to time and space, the SMG has plans to provide a variety of contents related to the smart city even in 2021 and expand the event into the venue of discussion where everyone can participate.