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  • Seoul Hosts 2020 S/S Seoul Fashion Week

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    20 S/S SEOUL FASHION WEEK 2019.10.14-19

    With the opening of the 2020 S/S Seoul Fashion Week, which will take place from October 14 to October 19, Seoul is expected to catch the attention of fashionistas from around the globe with colorful fashion shows by Korea’s top and rising designers, 120 brands in total, and professional order negotiations by e-commerce buyers.

    Celebrating its 20th anniversary, “Seoul Fashion Week” will greet the 10 million Seoul citizens and “fashion people” from around the world with ① fashion shows (Seoul Collection and others), ① trade show (order negotiations), and ① citizen-participatory events.

    There will be four large fashion shows during the October Seoul Fashion Week: the “Seoul Collection” with participation by the nation’s top designers, “Generation Next” by up-and-coming fashion designers, the “Foreign Exchange Fashion Show” as a part of an exchange and cooperation with London Fashion Week (the world’s four largest fashion weeks), and the “SFW Young Talents Show” by young fashion dreamers.

    < ※ Seoul Fashion Week Fashion Shows >

    Seoul Fashion Week Fashion Shows
    Category Details Notes
    Seoul Collection – Date and Time: Oct. 15-19
    – Venue: DDP Art Hall 2 and Sallim (B3)
    Fashion show by Korean and foreign designers
    Total of 33 shows
    Generation Next – Date and Time: Oct. 15-19
    – Venue: Lower Oullim Square, Miraero Bridge
    Fashion show by up-and-coming designers with independent brands that have been active for less than 5 years
    Total of 20 shows
    Foreign Exchange Fashion Show – Date and Time: Oct. 18, 18:30
    – Venue: Sallim (B3)
    Participating designer:
    Ashley Williams (fashion designer based in London)
    SFW Young Talents Show – Date and Time: Oct. 16, 18:30
    – Venue: Sallim (B3)
    28 participants from 14 universities

    Seoul Collection will feature 33 colorful fashion shows by Korea’s top designers. The fashion show venues are DDP Art Hall 2 and Sallim (B3). More information on the schedule and venues can be found on the Seoul Fashion Week website (http://www.seoulfashionweek.org).

    There will be 20 Generation Next shows, fashion shows by rising designers who will widen the K-fashion base and create new fashion trends. The venue for Generation Next is the GN Hall that will be installed at the center of DDP’s Oullim Square to host this creative fashion show that will feature works by up-and-coming designers.

    In addition to these shows, there will be the Foreign Exchange Fashion Show by a fashion designer based in London and the SFW Young Talents Show that will be held for the promotion of the new generation fashion designers.

    Foreign Exchange Fashion Show Participating Designer

    ◆ Ashley Williams ◆
    – Debut: 2015 SS London Fashion Week (Sept. 2014)
    – Awarded NewGen Award by the British Fashion Council (2014)
    – Selected as Emerging Designer at 2015 Elle Style Awards

    The “Trade Show,” a gathering for professional order negotiations, will also be held for the promotion of businesses run by Seoul fashion designers and their advancement into the global market. A total of 120 brands will participate in the “Trade Show” with additional participation by over 500 local and overseas buyers. 135 buyers from the twelve Asian countries with the most purchasing power were invited, including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, and Dubai. The “1:1 Business Meetings” between participating designers and buyers will actively support the advancement of excellent fashion items into the global market.

    As Seoul Fashion Week is expected to gain the attention of local and foreign fashionistas, the event will not only feature fashion shows, but it will become a forum that dives into the future of fashion and seeks a direction for growth to attract citizens. The forum will be open for all citizens to participate.