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  • Seoul Hosts 2019 Asia Urban Lighting Workshop

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    On June 25-28, 2019, the city of Seoul and the Lighting Urban Community International (LUCI) will host the 2019 Asia Urban Lighting Workshop, which will receive participation by urban lighting professionals and representatives from Asian countries at SKY31 Convention in Seoul.

    LUCI is an international association established in 2002 in Lyon, France for the exchange and development of urban lighting policies and related technologies. After becoming a member of LUCI in 2007, Seoul has been playing the role of the first president city from the Asian region since 2018 and operating the LROA (LUCI Regional Office for Asia).

    This year’s event expects participation by roughly 150 people from 35 cities in 17 countries, including South Korea, China, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc. The workshop will become a venue for communication and exchange where participants will be able to share excellent urban lighting policies and case studies from their cities.

    On June 25, the attendees will visit the 2019 17th International LED/OLED EXPO, as the introductory event will take place at KINTEX, Ilsan. From June 26-28, the main workshop will be held under the theme, “Urban Lighting for Sustainable Development and Enhancing Citizens’ Lives.” There will be lectures given by lighting professionals renowned both domestically and internationally, as well as a presentation and discussion on the excellent case studies from participating cities.

    Other programs include a lighting site tour in the evening of June 26, during which participants will have the opportunity to walk around Changgyeonggung Palace, which has opened its doors to visitors who want to visit at night starting in 2019, Seoullo 7017, and Palgakjeong Pavilion on Namsan Mountain. On the 27th, there will be a discussion on light festivals in Asia between the participating cities, as well as a visit to the Lighting Museum where the exhibition on the rising modern issue of light pollution is being held.

    The workshops on June 26 and 28 are open to the public and the individuals or groups who are interested in urban lighting can attend after advance registration.
    To register, click the link (http://naver.me/GZq3uSBb) or scan the QR code on the poster. For more information, call the Workshop Management Office at +82-70-8633-8580.

    2019 Asia Urban Lighting Workshop 2019아시아도시조명워크숍 2019.6.25~28 / sky 31 Convention , 2019.6.25-28 / 스카이 31 컨벤션 www.asiaurbanlightingworkshop.org