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  • Seoul Hosts 2018 Jewelry Week

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    Seoul will host the Korean jewelry shopping festival, ‘The 3rd Jewelry Week’ for 16 days from October 16 – 31.

    The ‘2018 Jewelry Week’ will comprise of three events

    ① The 「2019 S/S TRADESHOW Generation Next_ Seoul」 with an overseas buyers’ meeting and a collaborative jewelry showroom
    – There will be a collaborative showroom that will showcase over 200 jewelry prototypes by 40 enterprises that were selected through Seoul’s jewelry prototype production support project in addition to an Asian and European buyers’ meeting with 100 fashion brands.

    ② 「2018 Seoul International Jewelry Conference」 for all notable figures of the world jewel distribution market
    – At the conference, participants will discuss the new direction of the diamond industry and trends of the Asian colored jewelry market.

    ③ 「Ring Week in Seoul」, sales promotion event for jewelry recognition as a fashion item
    – 「Ring Week in Seoul」, the main event of 2018 Jewelry Week, will be open for 13 days from October 19 – 31. At this event, which aims at eliminating the stereotype jewelry is expensive and expanding the culture of jewelry as fashion; 50 enterprises will take part to operate a market where visitors can purchase rings and other jewelry. This event will be an opportunity to introduce various and reasonable product information of jewelry to consumers.

    ○ For more information on events regarding online shopping malls and jewelry shops based in Seoul that will be a part of Jewelry Week, visit the ‘Jewelry Week website’ (www.jewelryweek.co.kr).

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