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  • Seoul to host Town Meeting with European Residents on March 6

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    • – Seoul will host ‘Seoul Town Meeting with European Residents’ on Mar 6 (Fri), 4:00 PM to reflect the opinions of European nationals residing in Korea in policy decision making
    • – Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon and about 100 foreigners including people from the European Chamber of Commerce (ECCK), communities and schools will participate

    SEOUL, Mar. 5, 2014 – Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that it will host ‘the Seoul Town Meeting’ where Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon and European residents in Korea could exchange opinions at the International Conference Room, 9th floor of Seoul Global Center.

    The meeting will focus on hearing valuable opinions about the policies that Seoul should deal with in order to make Seoul a liveable and a friendly city for foreign residents, from the Europeans who have experienced multicultural society.

    As the proportion of European businessman and investors who came to Korea with their families for business purpose is relatively higher than other foreign residents, this meeting will be a good chance for Seoul to hear various life issues that foreign families actually face in their real life in Seoul such as residence, childcare and education.

    The Meeting will be broadcasted live on LIVE SEOUL (tv.seoul.go.kr) and LIVE WONSOON (mayor.seoul.go.kr/wonsoontv). Foreigners who want to participate could apply on the website of Seoul Global Center or call at 2075-4180, or send an email at hotline@seoul.go.kr.

    This year, Seoul is hosting its 22nd Seoul Town Meeting since its beginning from 2000. Through the meetings, the Seoul Town Meeting has become an important source of communication where we can hear directly from foreigners about the life issues and find solutions.

    In 2013, the Seoul town meeting was held 3 times with representatives of foreign residents, Chinese international students and the Filipinos respectively. In 2014, the meetings for Mongolian residents and would-be foreign business start-ups were held.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government is trying not to just hearing from the foreign residents but to go further to actually reflect valuable ideas suggested at the Seoul Town Meeting by encouraging Public Private Partnership (PPP) with foreign residents and experts.

    The Key policies which were actually adopted from the former town meeting with foreign residents are as follows. ▴Movie and theater internet booking service for Foreign residents ▴Business support project for Chinese residents to help them increase self-reliance ▴Open Sarang Community Center for foreign residents ▴Seoul Correspondents Project with foreign residents

    SMG’s Woman and Family Policy Manager, Cho Hyun-ok said, “If there is any inconvenience among foreigners just because they are foreigners, we will make it right step by step.” And she also added, “Through communications and discussions about the case of Europeans who have lived together with immigrants from various countries around the world longer than us, I believe that the meeting will be a chance for Seoul to leap forward in policies for foreigners.”