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  • Seoul Holds YES SME Fair

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    Seoul will be hosting YES SME Fair for two days on August 23-24, 2019 at Seoul Plaza, in front of the Press Center, Cheonggye Plaza, Mugyo-ro, and Deoksugung Palace, in order to support small- and medium-sized Korean enterprises that are having difficulty due to the restriction of exports to Japan and enable the sale of special products which had been typically dependent on export to Japan.
    ※ Operation Hours: August 23 (Fri.) 12:00-19:00 / August 24 (Sat.) 10:00-18:00
    (The participating enterprises and products on sale are subject to change according to on-site conditions.)

    YES SME Fair is comprised of three categories: ① sales of products, including household items, agro-fishery products, and processed foods (Seoul Plaza, Cheonggye Plaza, Mugyo-ro, and Deoksugung-gil, and in front of Press Center), ② consulting services for enterprises, regarding SME support policy and acceptance of damage cases caused by the export restriction, and ③ buyer consulting session for diversification of export market (on 1F of the new City Hall building).

    First, the product sales will be divided into excellent household items, agro-fishery products & processed foods for co-existence of regions, Seoul tourism fair, and fashion & jewelry.

    The excellent household items sales will take place at the west part of Seoul Plaza and in front of the Press Center (Seoul Madang) and a total of 106 companies will participate to sell their living products, home appliances, and beauty products. There will be additional events, such as a roulette prize lottery event and product experience center.

    The agro-fishery products & processed foods sales for co-existence of regions will take place at Mugyo-ro and a total of 40 enterprises, including farms at risk of damage caused by the export restriction, will participate to sell abalone, sea mustard, laver, etc. Additional events, such as making shopping baskets to reduce plastic bag use and food sampling, will also take place.

    Seoul tourism fair will take place at Cheonggye Plaza. Promotion booths for local autonomous governments including Gangwon Province and Gwangju City will be in operation and 13 tour agencies will sell and advertise their domestic travel products and tour experience programs. A Seoul tourism promotion bus, a bus made by refurbishing a two-story city tour bus, will be run as well.

    The fashion & jewelry sales and the sales of SME products recommended by autonomous districts will take place at Deoksugung-gil. A total of 44 companies will partake to sell jewelry, hand-made shoes, and accessories, and additional events like 365 Fashion Show and showroom will also be operated.

    In addition, on-site consulting services for companies damaged by the restriction of exports to Japan will be provided. Traveling Company Counseling Center will be operated at Seoul Plaza. The related institutions will cooperate to listen to the difficulties of visiting companies to inform them of the support they can receive from the central government and Seoul City. An export consulting session for buyers for diversifying the export market will also take place.