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  • Seoul Holds Video Content Contest to Rediscover Seoul

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    seoulstory digital film contest poster

    With the unprecedented prolongation of the pandemic, people’s desire for travel is getting stronger and in result, they focus on a method with which they can travel with a story that helps them fully experience the value of travel.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government is holding a video contest with two keywords “Rediscovering Seoul” and “Oraegage” (Old & Historical Store). The Seoul Metropolitan Government will develop the video contents created by citizens into a local travel content attracting not only domestic, but also international tourists, via the Seoul Story project, which aims to discover “Oraegage,” old and historical stores with over 30 years of history, and various stories of Seoul.

    The contest is divided into two categories, “Rediscovering Seoul” and “Oraegage.” Anyone including domestic and foreign participants can apply with a video less than 20 minutes regardless of the genre. Teams and individuals wishing to participate in the contest will have to upload their videos on their social media accounts, and submit the accounts’ links to the online registration website by Fri, Oct. 15.

    In this contest, work of all genres, such as web drama, documentary film, VR video, fashion shoot, video blog and animated film, are received as long as they are produced with Seoul as background or cover stories or locations of Seoul.

    To register, submit entries through the contest website (www.seoulstory.kr). Detailed information about the contest is also available on the Seoul Story Instagram account (@seoulstory_official).

    ※ Contest information and registration: www.seoulstory.kr