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  • Seoul Holds Untact G-Valley Week

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    Seoul will be hosting G-Valley Week for three days from Sep. 9-11 on an untact (non-face-to-face) basis (online). G-Valley Week is the representative festival of G-Valley, which is home to 11,000 companies and 150,000 employees.
    Once called Guro Industrial Complex, G-Valley (Seoul Digital Industrial Complex) is the first industrial complex to be designated by the country. In the past, labor-concentrated companies like textile and sewing companies clustered in the area, but now, the complex has transformed into a cutting-edge IT valley, home to IT ventures, animation creators, and online game companies. The Seoul Metropolitan Government hosts G-Valley Week, the representative festival of G-Valley that was created by integrating events operated by different institutions and cooperating with related institutions. G-Valley Week is held to rebrand G-Valley, changing the image from being the old Guro Industrial Complex into the new image of a cutting-edge IT Valley.
    The G-Valley Week will be comprised of industrial events (export briefing session with 40 foreign buyers, entrepreneurship contest, Online Employment Fair with 50 companies, Startup Demo Day with 80 VC & angel investors) and cultural events (Special Exhibition for Experiencing the Lives of Laborers of Guro Industrial Complex, game contest, and Video Culture Festival).
    The industrial events will take place online over the course of three days, including the export briefing session with the participation of foreign buyers, Startup Demo Day with the participation of 80 Korean venture investors, and the Employment Fair with the participation of 50 companies.
    ① The untact export briefing session will be held for three days to provide small- and medium-sized ventures that are having a difficult time finding markets with the opportunity to pioneer the global market. 40 foreign buyers from New Southern countries, including India, Vietnam, and Indonesia, and 80 companies from G-Valley will be participating in the session. In order to get actual export contracts signed, everything will be provided including a strategic analysis of each company, devices for video conferencing, and interpretation services.
    ② The finals of the entrepreneurship contest to discover promising startup products will also be broadcast online on September 10. Out of 250 competitors, 13 finalists will give presentations without an on-site audience and the rankings will be decided on the spot. Certificates, including the Mayor of Seoul Award and the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Award, as well as a total of KRW 34 million in prize money will be awarded.
    ③ As job offers are sparse and finding jobs becomes even more difficult due to the prolonged situation of COVID-19, the Employment Fair will be taking place online from September 7-25 to tackle the problems. Over 50 companies who are seeking employees in various fields, including IT, medicine, and manufacturing, will participate in the Fair and online (non-face-to-face) job interviews and employment consultation will be provided. Companies and job seekers can apply to participate on the official website (ontactjobfair.com).
    ④ The Investment Attraction Briefing Session and Startup Demo Day (IR) with the participation of 80 venture capitals and angel investors will take place on September 11. The organizer will set up one-on-one talks between investors and participating companies even after the program is over so that startups that are still lacking investment funds can get through the COVID-19 crisis and actually attract investments.
    There will be also be various untact cultural events that can be enjoyed by business persons, employees, and local residents together, such as the game contest and Video Culture Festival.
    ① The game contest sponsored by Netmarble, one of the representative Korean game companies that is stationed in G-Valley, will take place on September 9. Not only the workers of G-Valley but also local residents can take part in the contest which is expected to offer a fun and relaxing time to citizens and workers who are exhausted from working.
    ② The Video Culture Festival will take place for three days, through which various digital contents of G-Valley companies will be screened. The organizer will not only provide things that citizens can enjoy with game characters and animations, but also use the opportunity to advertise the excellence of the companies in G-Valley.
    ③ The Special Exhibition for Experiencing the Lives of Laborers of Guro Industrial Complex, what G-Valley used to be, will take place online for five days from September 7-11. Interviews, photos, and audio clips of people who lived the age of the Guro Industrial Complex will be exhibited and their living spaces (dosshouse) will be displayed as AR contents. The exhibition will become a chance to look into the lives of laborers who led the export industry of South Korea in the 1960s-70s.
    In celebration of its 5th anniversary this year, “G-Valley Week 2020” is planned to include only online events, canceling the other events that necessitate mass gatherings. Organizers of each event will host events while thoroughly disinfecting in accordance with the disinfection/prevention regulations and social distancing guidelines. The Seoul Metropolitan Government, Geumcheon-gu, Guro-gu, Seoul Business Agency, and Korea Industrial Complex Corporation will cooperate to successfully hold the events in the safest way possible.
    For more information, including the schedule and contents, visit the website of G-Valley Week. The event video will be broadcast in real time.
    ※ Website: www.gvalleyweek.com

    G-Valley Week Program Schedule

    G-Valley Week Program Schedule
    Title Date & Time Venue Content
    □ Industrial Events
    ① Foreign Buyer Export Briefing Session
    Sep. 9-11
    10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
    Online □ 1:1 online export consultation with invited foreign buyers; participation of 40 foreign buyers and 80 companies
    ② 4th G-Valley Entrepreneurship Contest
    Sep. 10
    1:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.
    Online □ Recruitment of fields in industries that drive G-Valley (manufacturing and service based on knowledge) and future growth engine industry
    □ 250 participating teams, 27 semi-finalist teams, 13 finalist teams
    ③ G-Valley Excellent Company Employment Fair
    Sep 7-25
    2:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.
    Online □ Real-time job interviews and employment consultation (with 50 participating companies)
    ④ G-Valley Startup Demo Day (IR)
    Sep. 11
    2:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.
    Online □ Venue for connecting startups and investors
    □ 10 participating startups and 80 VCs and angel investors
    □ Cultural Events
    ① Special Exhibition for Experiencing Lives of the Laborers of Guro Industrial Complex
    Sep. 7-11 Online □ Online exhibition of data, including interviews with masters who succeeded the industries of Guro Industrial Complex
    ②G-Valley Game Contest
    Sep. 9
    5:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m.
    Online □ Game contest for G-Valley workers and local residents
    ③ Video Culture Festival
    Sep. 9-11 Online □ Screening of videos about games and animation made by excellent digital content companies in G-Valley
    ④ Opening & Closing Ceremonies
    Sep. 9, Sep. 11 Online □ Screening of the opening and closing event of G-Valley Week