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  • Seoul Holds the <5th Seoul Kimchi Festival>, the Biggest Ever Kimchi Sharing Festival

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    • ”5th Seoul Kimchi Festival” is held in the Seoul Square from 2nd (Fri) to 4th (Sun) Nov
    • With an extensive sharing culture, the record-breaking six thousands of participants make Kimchi together and 165 tons of Kimchi will be shared
    • With the executives and employees of Benz Korea, an event will be hosted to break a Guinness Record of the largest number of people making Kimchi
    • “100 kinds of Kimchi” display the real Kimchi that represents the history and region from ancient vegetable pickle to Pyeongyang cabbage Kimchi
    • The festival runs various experience programs such as “My family’s Kimjang (Kimchi-making and sharing)-gan,” “Chef’s Kimjang-gan,” and “Foreigners’ Kimjang-gan”
    • The festival provides various foods and entertainments such as Kimchi Imagination Playground for children and Kimchi Street on Mugyo-ro

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, October 30, 2018 — Six thousands of citizens make an unusual scene of making Kimchi with 165 tons of cabbages at Seoul Square. For 3 days from the 2nd (Fri) to 4th (Sun) of November, the <5th Seoul Kimchi Festival> is held under the theme of the “Sharing the warmth, on the day of Seoul’s kimchi-making” in the Seoul Square and Mugyo-ro. The Seoul Kimchi Festival is the iconic winter festival of the city of Seoul where visitors can enjoy everything about “Kimchi-making culture” registered on the list of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The Seoul city government has nurtured this event as its iconic and global festival of sharing culture by recovering the traditional value of Korean people, infused in the “Kimjang culture of cooperation and sharing led by the community.”

    Kimchi Sharing (14:00~17:00 from the 2nd to 4th of November)

    Kimchi Sharing is the iconic program of the Seoul Kimchi Festival based on the traditional value of cooperation and sharing, which are the unique characteristics of Kimchi-making culture. About 6,000 people from different backgrounds will make Kimchi with 165 tons of cabbages in Seoul Square for three days.

    This year, Seoul Council on Social Welfare, which is a social contribution organization, cooperates with private companies to prepare the Kimchi ingredients for Kimchi-making. Companies and organizations which are interested in the culture of “sharing” Kimchi made donations. The festival of this year will make 165 tons of Kimchi, increasing from 120 tons in 2017 and 60 tons in 2016.

    Seoul Council on Social Welfare and Seoul Food Bank deliver all the Kimchi made during this festival to the tables of the marginalized neighborhood that has struggle with a cold winter especially due to increasing food prices.

    ※ Major sponsorships of the Kimchi Festival: Mercedes-Benz Korea, BOOYOUNG Group, Shinan-gun, Seoul Agro-Fisheries & Food Corporation, Seoul Metro, SRTA, Korea Association of Health the Promotion, Kids & Future Foundation, MAMISON, Dasan Pack, World Institute of Kimchi, Baewha Women’s University, Rotary Korea, volunteer firefighters, Women’s Association of Saemaul, CJ Logistics and etc.

    Advanced enrollment through a webpage was closed. However, anyone who visits the site can participate in the “Experience Zone of Sharing Kimchi” at Seoul Square where the Seoul Kimchi Festival is held.

    Meanwhile, this year, Mercedes-Benz Korea and the city of Seoul challenge together to the World Guinness Record.

    On the last day of the festival, 4th (Sun) November, the challenge to the World Guinness Record of Kimchi making by the biggest number of people at a single place will take place. A total of 3,000 people will join this challenge to break the record of 2,635 people in 2013.

    For the Guinness challenge on the 4th (Sun) of November, the event will be held with installation of entry/exit fences and the attendance of 70 professional supervisors and assistant referees to measure the record. The record will go through the approval process of the headquarters of World Guinness in UK. The final decision will be made in the 1st half of next year to determine whether the record can be accepted as the official record registration.

    This year’s festival adopts the new trend of donation culture. With Kakao Together, KaKao’s social contribution platform, Seoul recruited volunteers (Good Picnic) and raised the fund for ingredient cost (Donation Together).

    Online fund raising will be finished on the 31st (Wed) October. The raised fund will be entirely used to buy the Kimchi ingredients.

    On the 2nd (Fri) November, the day of the opening ceremony, Sam Hammington, a celebrity and Seoul city’s honorary ambassador, and snowboarder Sang-ho Lee nicknamed cabbage boy who showed a great performance in the PyeongChang Olympics will join the Kimchi sharing event.

    The two figures, beloved by the public with their friendly and amicable image, will promote the culture of sharing, together with the citizens at the Seoul Square on the day of the opening ceremony.

    Seoul Kimjang-gan Program (11:00~18:00 from the 2nd to 4th of November)

    “Seoul Kimjang-gan” (large-sized air dome facility running Kimchi experience programs) received positive feedbacks last year. This year, Seoul opens “Seoul Kimjang-gan 1” with demonstration and exhibition programs and “Seoul Kimjang-gan 2” with lectures and first-hands experience programs.

    <Seoul Kimjang-gan 1 : 100 selected kinds of Kimchi & Kimchi Museum, Master’s Kimjang-gan>

    Korean Kimchi masters and experts of Gwangju, Gyeongsang-do, and North Korean Kimchi restored various types of Kimchi including ancient vegetable pickles (origin of Kimchi), the Kimchi of Chosun dynasty, Jeolla-do, and Gyeongsang-do, and Hamgyung-do and Pyeongyang whole cabbage Kimchi.

    “100 selected kinds of Kimchi” are to make and exhibit the 100 special kinds of Kimchi seasoned with the 3,000 year-long history of Kimchi on the Korean Peninsula. Korea Kimchi Association, World Institute of Kimchi and Baewha Women’s University will participate in this event to make the real Kimchi on site. This exhibition will demonstrate 100 different kinds of Kimchi including Royal Kimchi, Yangban (aristocrat) Kimchi, working class Kimchi and regional Kimchi based on historical record. With the peaceful atmosphere of inter-Korean relations in particular, the event will also display the North Korean Kimchi as well.

    ※ Showcase of 100 kinds of Kimchi for Seoul City correspondents: 12:00 on the 2nd (Fri) November / Annex 5

    “Kimchi Museum” displays various contents related to Kimchi under the theme of language, salt, tools, science and the world. Visitors can find the science behind Kimchi and the reputation of Kimchi in the world.

    If you want to see Korea’s the representative Kimchi masters (Master Hayeon Lee, Sunja Kim and Jungim Yoo) making Kimchi, you can visit the “Master’s Kimjang-gan.” You can see the masters making unique and rare types of Kimchi on site including 100-year cabbage Kimchi, Seafood Kimchi and Pyeongyang cabbage Kimchi.

    <Seoul Kimjang-gan 2 : Kimchi Chef Contest, My family’s Kimjang-gan, Chef’s Kimjang-gan, and Foreigners’ Kimjang-gan>

    “Kimchi Chef Contest” will pick the best Kimchi maker. “My family’s Kimjang-gan” provides a first-hands experience where participants can make Kimchi for their family this year. In the “Chef’s Kimjang-gan”, professional chefs teach how to make unique Kimchi dish and give a tip on better utilizing Kimchi for meals. “Foreigners’ Kimjang-gan” will teach foreigners the history and culture of Kimchi and run an experience program of Kimchi making.

    On the 2nd (Fri) November, the first day of the festival, the “2018 Kimchi Chef Contest”, hosted by the World Institute of Kimchi and co-organized with Seoul city, will hold a final contest. The final contest consists of students’ and adults’ competitions. Within 60 minutes, contesters cook a single dish with Kimchi as a main ingredient and give a 10-minute-long presentation about their dish. The winners will receive the qualification as “Kimchi Chef” of the World Institute of Kimchi, Seoul Mayor’s Award and the Award of Head of the World Institute of Kimchi. A total of 9 million won in prize money will be granted for recipe development.

    “My family’s Kimjang-gan” is a first-hands experience of Kimchi making where each participant can make 5 kilograms of Kimchi under the instructions of masters by using the quality Kimchi seasoning and pickled cabbage prepared by Korea’s Kimchi masters (Master Hayeon Lee, Sunja Kim and Jungim Yoo). As participants can learn the masters’ knowhow of Kimchi making and make Kimchi for their family this year, the application was closed just in two days. On-site paid registration will be open for cancelled application.

    A shipping booth will be installed for this event. Participants can conveniently make the Kimchi shipped to their home address (shipping fee is charged.).

    “Chef’s Kimjang-gan” will feature “Kimchi Cooking Show” by Micheline Korean star chef Hyun-Soo Yu, one of the most acclaimed chefs in the world, and “Unique Kimchi Dish Class with Global Touch” by Kimchi chef Seung-Jun Baek who is selected by the World Institute of Kimchi. They will introduce the recipes of Kimchi dishes which can attract the modern tastes. The program will show the current status of Kimchi dish which is being modernized and globalized.

    “Foreigners’ Kimjang-gan” is a differentiated Kimchi making program for foreigners. Foreigners can attend the lectures about Kimchi story and make Kimchi on their own. Meanwhile, the Kimchi Festival received the Global Star Award of the KT Big Data Festival Award as a festival with the active participation of foreigners. All courses are provided in English. The program will present a special opportunity for foreign visitors in Korea to experience the Korean culture.

    Kimchi Imagination Playground and Performance (11:00~18:00 from the 2nd to 4th of November)

    In the “Kimchi Imagination Playground,” children can play games to easily understand Kimchi making and get familiar with Kimchi. Children who go on a picnic with parents can enjoy a hands-on experience of Kimchi-making culture through various games and performances.

    In particular, the Kimchi Imagination Playground this year gives the opportunity for kids to experience and understand the entire process of Kimchi making by playing games.

    The program features various performances under the theme of Kimchi-making. Kimchi fairies tell the story of Kimchi making, children can make the Kimchi miniature with Kimchi fairies by playing games, and citizens dance together with the mascots of Kimchi ingredients like shrimps playing piano and dancing garlic in a participatory performance titled “Bumoorim (Mixing) party.”

    Kimchi Gourmet, Kimchi Street (11:00~18:00 from the 3rd to 4th of November)

    For 2 days from 3rd (Sat) to 4th (Sun) of November, Mugyo-ro will be turned into the Kimchi Street. “Kimchi Market throughout Korea” sells special Kimchi from all different regions of Korea and Kimchi ingredients including Shinan sun-dried salt directly shipped from local producers at lower prices than the regular market. “Kimchi Fusion Food Truck” will present unique fusion dishes using Kimchi in food trucks, a trendsetter of street food. It is to satisfy the tastes of citizens visiting the festival.

    The festival runs the “Special Exhibition Hall of Shinan sun-dried salt” again this year as one of the exchanges & cooperation projects among local governments to promote mutually beneficial development of local areas. The exhibition hall will not only sell the salt product and but also run various experience programs related to Shinan sun-dried salt.

    Director Jung-hyup Seo of Culture Department of Seoul Metropolitan Government said that “thanks to the participation of the businesses and individuals, the Seoul Kimchi Festival, which marks 5th anniversary this year, has become a meaningful event filled with the spirits of sharing and contributions. We will actively develop new programs to nurture this festival further so that Kimchi-making can be a new Korean Wave contents

    For more details, you can call the Office of Seoul Kimchi Festival (02-337-9897) or visit the official website (www.seoulkimchifestival.com).