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  • Seoul Holds the 2021 Hangang River Festival For Citizens During the Pandemic

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is holding the 2021 Hangang River Festival online this fall to celebrate the beautiful Hangang River under the theme of “Fall-in-Hangang” from Fri, Oct. 1 to Sun, Oct. 24, 2021.

    The festival offers a range of programs including video content of music and performances staged against the background of the romantic Hangang River in fall as well as interactive live stream content via ZOOM and a social media challenge to share photos of the Hangang River.

    Video content, which will help viewers enjoy a relaxing time watching the view of the Hangang River anywhere they are, such as at home or the office, includes “Hangang River in My Heart” performances by YouTubers in Hangang Park, and “Hangang River Music Picnic” musical performance series in various genres.

    This festival also offers numerous interactive live stream content via ZOOM, including a book talk show where citizens and writers communicate via about books, photos, art and poetry in fall, the season of reading, and a dance workshop where citizens participate in the program online via ZOOM from their individual spaces.

    Citizens can also enter the exciting social media challenge to share photos of the Hangang River. “Hangang River B&W Photo Challenge” is a contest where participants share their black-and-white photos of the beautiful Hangang River on social media. As citizens’ access to Hangang Park is limited due to COVID-19, this contest was organized with a goal to console citizens and reminisce about the Hangang River. Lastly, the “Hangang River Today” photo contest will be held in two sessions for participants to discover places of Hangang Park depicted in old photos and take photos to share what it’s like today.

    A number of other programs that can be enjoyed and participated in by anyone at anytime and from anywhere will also be provided. Detailed information about the festival including application for participation in the programs is available on the official festival website where the online festival will be held.

    Hangang River Festival on social media
    – Website: festival.seoul.go.kr/hangang
    – Facebook: facebook.com/hangangsummerfestival
    – Instagram: Hangang River Festival @hangangfestival
    – YouTube: youtube.com/c/한강공원