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  • Seoul Holds Seoul International Social Conference

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    Seoul Holds Seoul International Social Conference

    Seoul is scheduled to hold the Seoul International Social Conference 2018 on the eighth floor of the Conference Hall of Seoul City Hall from October 25-26.

    In line with the theme, “Communication, made by the people,” the Seoul International Social Conference 2018 will include the Seoul Social Conference on October 25, the first day of the conference, followed by the Seoul City Brand Forum on October 26. There will be lectures and discussions by domestic and foreign communications specialists and influencers on the topic of social media and city brands that have become a vital means of communication by the people.

    Day 1 | Seoul International Social Conference – 10.25 (Thurs.) 10:00am – 4:00pm

    The Seoul International Social Conference will open on the first day, focalizing upon the discussion on the essence of communication, rather than the media. The conference will deliver a soft yet impactful message on communication, a relatable keyword that all city residents are engaged in, no matter the field.
    ○ There will be lectures and discussions by eight specialists within the fields of platform, contents, and future, throughout the three sessions of the conference. Participants will gain insight into stories told from different perspectives about communication that will lead to future communication, representing the core of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

    Day 2 | Seoul City Brand Forum – 10.26 (Fri.) 1:00pm – 5:40pm

    The Seoul City Brand Forum will follow up opening day to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of I·SEOUL·U, presenting an opportunity for the search of a means of communication between city brands and residents alike through lectures by local specialists providing varied takes under the theme of “Your city, my city.”
    ○ There will be eight specialist lectures over the course three sessions, including a keynote address. Each session will be comprised of an academic session, case presentation by the city, and roundtable discussions. Participants will gain an in-depth insight into the future direction of city branding, together with specialists.
    ○ Cases of urban and provincial branding will also be shared with the aim of seeking out a city brand development plan that enables public-centered communication.

    In addition to presentations, public participatory events, including a performance by a cappella group and the operation of a photo zone, will offer fun and enjoyment to participants. Detailed information about the conference’s participating speakers and programs can be found on the Seoul International Social Conference 2018 website (http://www.seoulsc.co.kr). The conference is open to the public free of charge, however advanced registration online is required in order to attend. Online registration is available till October 24 through the Seoul International Social Conference 2018 website.

    Website: http://www.seoulsc.co.kr
    Inquiries: Conference Secretariat – 82-2-772-9317