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  • Seoul Holds March First Independence Movement Centennial Song Contest and Shares History Through Cultural Contents

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    3.1 운동 100주년 기념음악 공모 [오등은 자에 아음악] [3.1 운동 100주년 기념음악 공모] 2019년은 3.1운동 및 임시정부 수립 100주년을 맞이하는 해입니다. 이에 서울시와 서울음악창작지원센터는 3.1운동 100주년을 기념하고 국민적 공감대를 형성할 수 있는 대중적인 음악콘텐츠를 발굴해 제작을 지원하고자 합니다

    In celebration of the March First Independence Movement’s Centennial this year, Seoul will hold a music contest under an open genre and theme to promote increased national pride. The song selected will be performed at the Provisional Government Founding’s Centennial Concert and at commemorative events during the week of August 15th, the National Liberation Day of Korea, in addition to being opened to the public through music-streaming websites.

    The March First Independence Movement song written in 1946 by request of the Ministry of Education is traditionally sung at commemorative events, however, Seoul plans to increase the history and value of the March First Independence Movement by producing a modern and popular commemoration song with a variety of different versions, including rock, rap, ballad, song, and children’s song in celebration of this landmark anniversary.

    Seoul will select eight teams (songs) in the contest and provide funding for the recordings, while of the eight, four outstanding teams will be selected and receive a stipend of production costs for the songs. The selected song will be publicized through Seoul’s secondary creative work (1-person media) f or the public to have access to and enjoy.

    Contest participants must be individuals or groups capable of producing pure, creative work, while also being available to perform at the event sponsored by Seoul city.

    Individuals and groups interested in participating can download the application at the Seoul website (http://www.seoul.go.kr), or the Seoul Music Centre website (http://seoulmusiccenter.kr), and apply at the Seoul Music Centre via email at support@liak.or.kr, with a demo, from January 21 (Monday) to February 20 (Wednesday).