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  • Seoul holds groundbreaking ceremony for Subway Line No. 9

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    Route of Subway Line No. 9’s third phase-Concept of bicycle parking lot

    Line No. 9 to feature nation’s first automated bicycle parking lot

    Seoul City held a groundbreaking ceremony on Oct. 25 for the third phase of construction of Subway Line No. 9, which began on July 24, 2009, to connect the area of Doonchon-dong in Gangdong-gu and Bohoon Hospital.

    Seoul City said that the number of Subway Line No. 9 users, within 50 days of the completion of the first 25.5 kilometer phase from Gimpo International Airport to Shin Nonhyun, had hit 10 million. As of July 2010, the comparable figure had touched 80 million and 100 million as of September.

    Construction of the 4.5 kilometer route linking Shin Nonyhyun and the Sports Complex began in June 2008 and is scheduled to be completed in 2013.

    The local government injected 1.35 trillion won for the third phase, which stretches 9.14 kilometers and connects Jamsil-dong and Bohoon Hospital. This phase will add eight more subway stations and allow commuters to conveniently transfer to Subway Lines No. 5 and 8.

    Subway Line No. 9’s third phase starts off at Songpa-gu in Jamsil-dong and passes through the Samjeon four-way intersection in Jamsil-dong, Seokchon–dong’s Baemyung four-way intersection, Songpa-gu’s Bangi four-way intersection, and Olympic Park Station on Subway Line No. 5 to connect to Bohoon Hospital located in Doonchon-dong in Gangdong-gu.

    Bicycle parking lot, Subway stations

    Line No. 9 operates an express train for the convenience of commuters, Seoul City said. This line boasts screen doors, an environmentally-friendly design and natural lighting. The local government said plans are under way to install the country’s first automated bicycle parking facility in Line No. 9 subway stations.

    “Completion of Line No. 9’s third phase would significantly improve commuting conditions for the residents of the Songpa and Gang-dong areas of Seoul,” a Seoul City official said. “The full opening of this line and its express train will reduce travel time from Gimpo International Airport to Bohoon Hospital to about 45 minutes, allowing the city to provide an even more convenient and safer public transportation service to the people,” the official added.

    The groundbreaking ceremony for Subway Line No. 9’s third phase of construction was held on Oct. 25 at Olympic Park.