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  • Seoul Holds Global Forum to Share Results and Future Vision of PB

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is holding the Seoul Forum on Citizen Participation from Fri, Aug. 27 to Sat, Aug. 28 to share the results and future vision of participatory budgeting (PB), which marks the 10th year of introduction by the SMG since 2012. The forum will serve as a global platform to diagnose the results and limits of PB as well as discuss future PB strategies.

    If for the last decade the SMG’s PB has achieved quantitative accomplishments, including participation by more citizens and greater scale of budget, now is the time for a discussion as a new springboard, which will turn PB into a future-oriented and more participatory process by efficiently allocating budgets for solving urgent social issues that our society is facing.

    The forum will cover three topics: introduction of international PB, such as Paris and Madrid, to seek ways for the SMG to develop its PB; discussion of the roles of direct democracy and democratic governance where various subjects participate in PB; and discussion and presentations on the ways of reinforcing international cooperation to achieve the SDGs, including climate action, through PB.

    Citizens can participate in the forum by registering in advance on the official website or watching via YouTube. All videos will be uploaded on the official website (http://www.sfcp2021.or.kr), and the presentation materials will be available for download.

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