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  • Seoul Holds Foreign Investment Advisory Council with Agenda of “Women’s Empowerment”

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    The 49th Foreign Investment Advisory Council

    On November 8, 2019 (Fri.), Seoul will be hosting the 50th Foreign Investment Advisory Council, bringing together experts in foreign investment, including CEOs of foreign companies and presidents of foreign chambers of commerce in Korea. The council will be held in the International Conference Hall of Seoul Global Center.

    At the 50th council, about 20 advisory committee members, including CEOs of foreign companies, will ▵ share the results of the Foreign Investment Advisory Council over the past 20 years, ▵ appoint three new committee members for the council, and ▵ discuss ways to boost foreign investment and the economy of Seoul through women’s empowerment.

    The political agenda of this council will be “women’s empowerment.” As numerous multinational companies are increasing their ratios of female executives and making efforts towards gender equality, Seoul considers the leap to become “A City of Gender Equality” by empowering women as a necessary step for promoting foreign investment.

    □ Overview of the 50th Foreign Investment Advisory Council

    • Date & Time: November 8 (Fri.), 07:30-09:00
    • Venue: International Conference Hall, Seoul Global Center
    • Participants: About 30 individuals, including Mayor of Seoul, Director of Economic Policy Office, Director of Women & Family Policy Affairs Office, 20 council members of FIAC
    • Agenda: Women’s Empowerment