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  • Seoul holds contactless gourmet festival “Taste of Seoul” from Nov. 11

  • Press Releases SMG 473
    • Seoul hosts “Taste of Seoul,” a differentiated contactless gourmet festival, from Nov. 11 to 15
    • Restaurants and star chefs selected in the “Seoul’s 100 Restaurants & Bars” join the festival
    • During “Restaurant Week,” people can order gourmet food from chefs’ restaurants at home
    • Live cooking classes using Gochujang (red hot pepper paste sauce) developed by famous local chefs are also held for Hallyu fans
    • “Comfort Food Week” is organized to comfort those stressed out from the pandemic, and 100 small-alley restaurants provide delivery and takeout services

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, November 12, 2020 – The Seoul Metropolitan Government hosts ‘Taste of Seoul,” a contactless gourmet festival, from November 11 to 15. The event is participated by restaurants and chefs of “Seoul’s 100 Restaurants & Bars” and smaller restaurants from the city’s back alleys.

    While “K-Food” is attracting more global attention and Seoul is being recognized for its excellent food culture, the city government published the “Seoul’s 100 Restaurants & Bars” to help visitors enjoy a differentiated food culture.

    The “1+1 donation event” is also held to celebrate the festival where people can order gourmet food from famous chefs’ restaurants at home and have the same food delivered both to them and the medical staff working hard at the forefront of the battle with COVID-19. Cooking classes using Gochujang (red hot pepper paste sauce) developed by famous local chefs are expected to attract the attention from Hallyu, or Korean Wave, fans abroad.

    There are many other programs to comfort people stressed out from the pandemic – winners of a contest for unique stories will be invited to a “Restaurant On Wheels” that take them to selected tourist destinations while enjoying dinner. During the festival, 100 small restaurants from the alleys of Seoul’s special tourist districts offer takeout and delivery services.

    “Taste of Seoul” has two parts: “Restaurant Week” that allows people to enjoy gourmet food in a non-face-to-face format, and “Comfort Food Week” that provides comfort to people with food.

    Enjoy representative food of Seoul during the “Restaurant Week”

    “Restaurant Week” is Seoul’s very first contactless gourmet event, the first step to become a global city of gourmet food. The event includes programs of (i) selecting 100 restaurants and bars in Seoul, (ii) enjoying Seoul restaurants at home, and (iii) taking online cooking classes in a live stream.

    In particular, the “Seoul Restaurants at Home” is a “limited edition” event of ‘Taste of Seoul.” During the week, fine dining restaurants run by star chefs and luxury hotels offer delivery and drive-through services. Once you make an order, you can experience their fine dining at home the next day through the “Zero Delivery Union” service.

    Ten restaurants run by star chefs provide specially prepared set menus along with chef’s touching video message. Grand Intercontinental Hotel and Seoul Dragon City Hotel Dparticipate in the 1+1 donation event for medical staff fighting the pandemic on the frontline.

    For Hallyu fans abroad, Cho Hee-Sook from Hansikgonggan and Kang Mingoo from Mingles jointly offer “live-streaming cooking classes” to people in Rome of Italy and in Brussels of Belgium at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. (Korean local time) on November 13 and 14.

    “Comfort Food Week” provides real comfort to people

    “Comfort Food Week” is organized to comfort those who have been stressed out from the pandemic. The Week includes programs of (i) selecting 10 comfort foods and restaurants, (ii) restaurants on the wheels and (iii) Dosi-Rock concert.

    The city government surveyed 10,000 people around the country last September to ask what their comfort food is. 100 smaller restaurants selling the selected comfort foods in Seoul’s special tourist districts that are hit hard by COVID-19 are “comfort food restaurants” providing delivery and takeout services with the help of the city.

    The city government supported restaurants which had not been able to provide delivery or takeout services. It provides with the takeout system and eco-friendly lunchbox packages. Besides, after talking with restaurant owners, customized supports are offered for what they really need, such as designing posters or promotion videos.

    November 13 through 14, a “restaurant on wheels” will be run. At lunchtime, the “restaurant on wheels” will visit selected groups of people with lunchboxes and at night people chosen for their special stories to share will tour some tourist attractions such as Noeul Park and Nodeulseom in the Hangang River and have dinner in the mobile restaurant.

    On November 14, the “Dosi-Rock Concert” will be performed from the SEOUL ON studio located at the Citizens’ Hall. At the live-streaming concert on YouTube, viewers can vote for the tourist attractions in Seoul that they would like to visit the most once the pandemic is over. The program is about a lady (played by Kim Shin-Young, a popular Korean comedian) who has never been to Seoul having an online tour to tourist attractions in the city introduced by eight popular YouTubers on each site and selecting where to go first along with viewers.

    “Seoul’s gourmet food” to be aired showing Seoul as the city of K-Food

    A documentary video on how people in Seoul enjoy their food festival in the middle of the pandemic and what the festival looks like will be aired to overseas lovers of Hallyu and gourmet food as well as to domestic viewers.

    The first episode titled the “current looks of food in Seoul where the process is more valued than the outcome” was aired through Docu Inside on KBS on November 5. It is about how small restaurants and cafes of the city are overcoming the crisis caused by the pandemic. Ten episodes about “star chefs talking about gourmet food in Seoul” will be aired one by one on KBS World from November 24 for overseas fans of Hallyu and tasty food of Seoul.