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  • Seoul Holds “Beauty City Seoul” Brand Contest for Cultivating Beauty Industry

  • Culture & Tourism news SMG 209522

    Go to Seoul, there is everything you need to know about the beauty trend. BEAUTYCAPITAL SEOUL BRAND CONTEST

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is holding a brand contest titled “Seoul, the World’s Beauty Capital” under the theme of “Seoul that sets the trends of the global beauty industry” for three weeks from Mon, Oct. 18 to Sun, Nov. 7 following the global expansion of the Korean Wave from K-pop and cinema to other areas like fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and more.

    Under the full theme of “Seoul that sets global trends as a city of beauty taking new steps as the mecca of the global beauty industry,” the SMG will accept brand names and videos that encapsulate and promote Seoul as a city of beauty based on Seoul’s various beauty assets, including Seoul’s cosmetics loved by people around the world, Seoul’s fashion that reinterprets traditions and sets trends, Seoul’s medical care that brings out people’s inner beauty, and Seoul’s healthy food that satiates everyone’s palate.

    The contest comprises naming and video categories. For the former, participants must create an English brand name that encapsulates Seoul as a city of beauty in 30 characters or under; and for the latter, participants must submit a digital file that portrays Seoul as a city of beauty in 20 seconds for under.

    This contest is open to all—Korean nationals, non-Korean residents living in Korea, and international participants can all participate. Submissions are accepted online via the SMG’s website (english.seoul.go.kr) and portal (mediahub.seoul.go.kr).

    There will be preliminary and expert screenings, and the results will be announced in December. The winning works will be used for projects and promotions for cultivating Seoul’s beauty industry; the final selected name will be used as the brand for Seoul’s beauty industry revitalization policy and video used as promotional content for Seoul’s beauty-related projects after the contest.

    This contest holds great significance as it is open to all to gather and select excellent submissions made directly by global citizens who love Seoul and are interested in Korean beauty.