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  • Seoul Holds an Online Conference to Learn Vaccination Know-How from Israel

  • Press Releases SMG 360
    • Seoul is holding the “Seoul-Israel Online Conference on COVID-19 Vaccination” to better understand Jerusalem’s current situation..
    • Acting Mayor of Seoul Seo Jung-hyup, the Vice Minister of Health of Israel, and vaccine experts will have an in-depth debate online.
    • Acting Mayor Seo said “We will listen to Israel’s advice for a seamless vaccination program.”

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, March 3, 2021 – For the betterment of its vaccine rollout, which began last Friday, the Seoul Metropolitan Government holds the “Seoul-Israel Online Conference on COVID-19 Vaccination” to learn the inoculation know-how from the Israeli government. The conference will be held at the Seoul City Hall on Wednesday, March 3, 5:00 p.m.

    Israel is returning to normalcy at the fastest pace globally, administering the COVID-19 vaccine to half of its population in just two months. The Seoul city government hosts this event to learn about Israel’s situation and know-hows while sharing Seoul’s S-Quarantine and “333 Initiative.”

    Seo Jung-hyup, acting Mayor of Seoul, and Yoav Kisch, Vice Minister of Health of Israel, will join the online conference. Jerusalem’s Ministry of Health is in charge of the country’s vaccination, serving a similar role as Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency. Also joining the event areepidemiologists Ran D. Balicer and Lee Jae-gab, and Park Yu-mi, General Director of Citizen’s Health at the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

    Seoul was able to organize this conference thanks to an offer from the Israeli Embassy in South Korea. When the city government was researching Israel’s vaccination cases, the embassy kindly suggested holding an event where officials in charge of quarantine measures can share cases.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will take advice from the Israeli government and discuss the city’s overall vaccination process, from administration to follow-up measures. Seoul will actively seek plans that can help improve its inoculation program.

    The conference will consist of three sessions: sharing Israel’s vaccination cases, sharing Seoul’s COVID-19 quarantine measures and the “333 Initiative,” and the panel discussion. The Seoul city government plans to introduce the “333 Initiative—3 stages (vaccination targets), 3 tracks (vaccination methods), and 3-fold management (monitoring and measures) alongside with 3T (Test-Trace-Treat) system of the S-Quarantine, which are both devised to seamlessly vaccinate the citizens.

    The conference videos will be uploaded on the Youtube channel of the Seoul Metropolitan Government: (https://www.youtube.com/seoullive).

    “Every citizen in Seoul hopes to return to normal, but at the same time, they are anxious and concerned with the road not taken,” said the acting Mayor of Seoul Seo Jung-hyup. “During the conference, we will be able to get advice from Israel over the whole process from vaccination to follow-up measures. The city government will take advantage of this event to seamlessly execute the vaccination program.”