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  • Seoul Holds ‘All About Eco-friendly Meals’ Festival at Seoul Plaza

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    All About Eco-friendly Meals

    Seoul will hold the <2018 Seoul School · Public Meals Fair> festival on November 9, 2018 at Seoul Plaza where visitors can learn and experience everything about eco-friendly meals. Expected to attract over 10,000 participants, the event will be held for the seventh consecutive year since 2011 to share with citizens the outcome and significance of the eco-friendly meals project. Kindergarten, elementary, and middle school students who are the directly involved parties of school and public meals, parents, dieticians, agricultural producers, meal distributors, and officials related to school meals are expected to participate in the festival.

    At the event will be a PR center and exhibition hall that will inform visitors of how the eco-friendly public meal projects that were promoted since 2017 along with school meals were realized. The event will address the political significance and social, economic effects of eco-friendly meals while the Non-GMO Gallery and the School Jangdokdae Gallery will display important contents. Through these, participating students and residents will once again grasp the gravity of the policy and how important Seoul’s eco-friendly meals are to children. It is anticipated that participants will learn to appreciate how eco-friendly meals are processed from farms to schools.

    There will be additional experiences, education, exhibits, and performances for the whole family to enjoy together through various programs such as △vegetable stamping with vegetable surfaces dipped in paint, △rice field ecosystem map drawing, △succulent pot making and other ‘natural ecology programs,’ and the ▲traditional rice cake making and ‘producer (farmer) experience.’ There will also be a ‘puppet show’ about eating habits.

    More information and inquiries about the ‘2018 Seoul School · Public Meals Fair’ can be made to the Eco-friendly Meals Division (82-2-2133-4156) or found on the official website (http://www.서울시학교공공급식한마당.kr/).